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Question: Tanks and care

Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but not new to betta's, though the more I read through the forum I feel new to them! I'm learning a lot. Okay so I'm onto my 5th and 6th betta fish. I've had them since I was little and they have all lived 4-5 years. And i never used a filtered tank. Though I see many of you use filters. Is it wrong that I let them go natural? Here is how I care for mine and they have all lived happy/healthy lives.

- They both live in a 1 -2 gallon bowl, they have the rocks on the bottoms and I give them plants and little houses so their homes dont seem so bare.
- I clean them once a week, with spring water from the bottle.
- I feed them twice a day, a few pebbles each time.

Am I taking care of them right? They swim around a lot so they don't sulk at the bottom like I have seem some do. I even spend a few mins with them a few times a day, talking to them and they follow my finger around their bowls.

I would like to upgrade at some point to bigger tanks for them.
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IMO/E-keeping this species in 1-2gal long term is fine and filters/water movement is optional for this species-especially with the long heavy fin males when kept in smaller containers-often the water movement can be the cause of fin damage.

Are the plants live plants, if so, how many and what species-active growing live plants IMO/E are great filters to help maintain water quality.

What is your water temp

It sounds like you are providing good care, however, if you don't have live plants-adding a second 50% water only change could benefit.

Also, even with bottled water-I would recommend that you use a good dechlorinator and even cut the water with 25-50% of your tap water to replace any lost minerals-Bottled water can vary since its not regulated-it may be filtered tap water that still contains chlorine/chloramine as well as the filtering process that remove the minerals needed for long term health.

Nutrition-good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals is best.

Love to see some pics.....
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