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I think my betta is sick and I could really use as much help as possible!

Ok this is a little long but I kept it as organized as possible because I have a few questions. i really hope people will still read this because I could really use the help <3

I have a female betta fish that I've had for over a month now. As of the past few days she's become a bit less "energetic". she's been laying on the rocks at the bottom of the tank.
A few days before she started this, she seemed to *sleep on the plants* close to the top... We thought she was dead a few times then shed turn her eyes to look at me and would start swimming again... Then return to where she was not long after. *
I just assumed she got weird at first, but I'm beginning to get a little worried.
Instead of being weird at the top of the tank, now she's being weird at the bottom

So here are the main issues,*
1) a few days ago she was "sitting still" at the top of the tank. Then she'd move a bit when I turned it or she saw me looking at her for a minute or so. She'd swim for a few seconds then go back to where she was. A few days after being at the top, she switched to hanging out at the bottom.
----her weird behaviors were new. I assumed it was because the tank needed to be cleaned so I did----
2) now she continues to lay at the bottom of the tank much of the time only swimming up for a few seconds. Then she goes back down and lays at the bottom.
3) she isn't paying much attention to her food

Here is what i atttempted on trying to fix problems 1 and 2:
Her rocks were thoroughly rinsed with water a few times before they were moved into the new tank.
The water in the tank is also conditioned with betta water conditioner.
I tested the water and according to the kit, it's perfect.

For problem 3...
When i first got her, I used to cut the food pellets in half because she had a hard time getting the pellets into her mouth. It worked for quite a bit, then I started to feed her the regular sized ones thinking maybe she had trouble before because she was a baby. She still had a bit of a hard time but she was starting to get the hang of it and started to eat them.
--Recently, she stopped bothering to go after the pellets after one or two tries. Last night she didnt eat at all. Finally, tonight when I fed her, I tried the old method of cutting them in half and she still wasnt interested.

Here's the research I did:
From similar questions people have posted, many said that a loss of appetite and swimming to the bottom meant that they were cold, but the water seems pretty warm to me (a little warmer than room temperature)*
I really don't think that's the case.
Some said it may be due to over feeding but she gets 1-2 pellets a day.

I'M COMPLETELY OUT OF IDEAS! I don't know what is causing it. Did she just have a personality change and isn't all that hungry anymore?

Thank you so much to those who took the time to read this!
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How big is her tank? If it's too tall, lower the height of the water for a few days until she gets better. That will make it easier for her to go from the bottom where she lays to the top for air.

It sounds like she might be cold. A "little warmer than room temp" is only 23-24C (60 something F) WAY too cold. Bettas are tropical fish and are most comfortable in temperatures of 78-82F!!!! So she's 10 degrees too cold.

For feeding, cut them in half like you do and soak them in a bit of water with garlic in it. Garlic soaked pellets are a a favorite and encourage eating.

Did you say you recently changed her tank? Is it bigger or smaller? And did you add anything completely new? If so, what exactly?
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When you tested the water, did you use the dip strips or the one with the little tube?

She may be cold - what, exactly is her temp? The water should be between 78-82F. The colder the water, the more lethargic they are.

How big is her tank, how often do you change the water and how much?
also, what conditioner are you using?

if she isn't eating, something, somewhere is wrong. The hard part is finding out what it is.

Are there any physical things that look off to you - like faded color, a white fuzzy spot, anything?

Does your tank have a filter?
I'm going to suggest doing a water change. If you have a filter - do a 50%, if you don't - then change 100% of the water and clean out the gravel to get any uneaten food and poops out of the tank.
Maybe something nasty got into her water - too much ammonia, air freshner, something on you hands...ect.
Do not use soap as its deadly to fish - just water.
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