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Which bulb?

I wasn't getting a whole lot of attention on my other thread, probably due to the name, but whatever. Point is, I have a fluorescent fixture for my tank, and I have a choice between the Hagen -Glo bulbs. I need something good for plant growth. I want to do Aqua Glo, as it has high peaks in blue and red spectrum, even if it also has another peak in a more visible spectrum for humans. I understand from all I've read that since it has the spectrums in the right places, it having some extra kelvins elsewhere shouldn't hurt the plants, at worse I might need to do some algae scrubbing, if that.

The other bulb I'm considering is the Life-Glo, which I know would support plants, but it's also an extra eight dollars for a technically dimmer bulb if I understand correctly.

So, opinions?
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I know nothing about the Hagen-Glo bulbs. Sorry.

But, I know that you can get a GE (or any brand really) "Daylight" bulb 6500k for about 6-7 dollars at Lowes, and Walmart should also carry them too. They are the right kelvin rating for plants, and the light is nice. At least, this is my opinion anyway!

Good luck, I hope someone with knowledge of the bulbs you mentioned will answer!
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I second wystearya's opinion. Look at spectrum and kelvins, but why pay more for an "aquatic" bulb if you can get what you need in hardware section....many items are exactly the same, but "specialize" it for specific use and increase the I really need package that has fish on it for my aquarium?
That being said, many aquarium hoods are weird sizes, so make sure the bulb fits lenght, depth and socket!

To answer your question though, if the aqua-glo bulb fits spectrum and kelvins and hood AND is cheaper, give it a try and save you said, the worst that the visual spectrum peak could do is cause algae bloom...and it you're paying attention, you can nip that right in the bud before it takes hold!
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