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Epsom and Aquarium Salt concurrent use?

Hi Everyone!

I have my first ever "rescue," an orange and lavender veiltail with black swatches that I just couldn't leave at Walmart. I'm treating him with AQ salt for suspected parasites (he was scratching himself on the silk plant leaves and gravel, leading me to suspect infestation, and I started salt treatment the day after he came home.)

Does AQ salt have the same beneficial effect on gills as Epsom salts? If not, can the two salts be used concurrently? If they can be used concurrently, should the dose of either or both be reduced?

I'm trying to get a decent photo of the new boy. He's very shy and I've been thinking of him as "Bashful" since I brought him home, but I haven't settled on that as a name for him. If I manage to get a decent picture I'll post it.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!
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I think(think) that Epsom salts are used for internal and aquarium salt is used for external uses. I don't know if you can use them at the same time, But you shouldnt use aquarium salt for more than 14 days. You also shouldn't treat unless he's sick. Usually some IAL and some TLC will do the trick with new fish.
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Epsom is for internal issues. AQ/rock salt/ice cream salt is used as a disease preventative.
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Correctamundo. Epsom salt for internal issues, ie internal parasites or bloating or internal bacterial infections. Aquarium salt is for external problems where slime coat is desirable, like external parasites, missing scales and torn fins, or cuts/bruises.

Epsom salt is a laxative that can be used by humans as well and it helps to draw out toxins and excess fluid buildup caused by internal bacterial infections. It also encourages the bowel system to move, which is helpful when a fish is constipated or has internal parasites that they need to pass.

Aquarium salt is highly toxic to a lot of parasites and pathogens and just being in salt water can cause them to die or jump off a fish. In addition, AQ salt helps to stimulate the formation of slime coat, which helps ward of infection by both bacteria and parasites.
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