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Old 05-05-2012, 08:11 PM   #1 
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New fish not feeling well?

Roger Wilco (our new multicolor CT) was doing fine the first couple of days, then he became a little bloated, nothing dramatic, just like he always had a very full belly. He was swimming around and doing fine.
The last couple of days, he's been a little more reserved, hidding a lot in his cave, swimming a little less and he's still bloated.

We tried fasting him for a day, the bloat didn't go away. And he has refused to eat anything today which is not like him. We tried Pellets, flakes, frozen bloodworms... nothing works. His fins are also a little clamped, like he's keeping them close to his body.

He's in a 2 gallon, heated(78), filtered tank with lots of hidding places. All the water parameters are fine. The water is changed twice a week (50% each times but one with gravel vaccuming).

I've heard about peas for the bloat? What kind of peas can I give and how do I prepare it? How much can I give to him? What else can we do?
I don't understand, we've done everything we're supposed to and he was fine at first.... Suggestions are appreciated.

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I wouldnt worry about it too much for now, give him a few days and he will come around.
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For the Peas, you have to put them in hot boiled water until cooked. And then, you have to take the Pea, and take off the shell. Get a very tiny piece, and try to feed it to him. Good Luck!!!
And sorry for not knowing what else to do. If the parameters and temperature are okay then I don't know what else. Sorry.
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Are we talking about Green peas?
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Old 05-06-2012, 09:51 AM   #5 
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Peas can actually cause bloat.. They are not really a good treatment since Betta fish are not meant to eat vegetables, only meat-based items.

I know some websites recommend this treatment, but from other things I have read the peas can actually do more harm than good.


-My betta is bloated. What do I do?
Peas are not healthy for a betta and can cause permanent damage to their digestive system and shorten life span. If a betta is bloated then it is time to take a look at water quality and feeding habits, as well as temperature. An overfed fish is an unhealthy fish at risk of bloating. An adult betta should be fed once/day and should be able to finish all food within 2 minutes. Bettas have very small stomachs and need time to digest food before consuming more. Improper foods can also cause bloating, as can digestive tract problems and intestinal parasites.
From this thread:

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Old 05-08-2012, 10:25 PM   #6 
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Roger Wilco is definitely not doing better, he seems to be getting worse. He spends his entire days hidden in his little terra cota pot and doesn't really want to eat...
Again, water parameters are all fine, the temp is kept at a nice 78, his water is clean and he's still a little bloated and he doesn't open his fins... Tomorrow is his water change. Should we put him in a hospital tank (1 gal) and do daily water changes? Should we use AQ salt?

I think it's a curse. We have 3 other betta fishes and never had a single problem. We bought another betta about 1 1/2 month ago and he died within 2 weeks because of a mixture of ick and we think possible velvet or something similar because we Qted him and he deteriorated to the point where we had tu put him down because he could barely breathe. And now we boight Roger Wilco and he seems to be going on the same path. We're really worried.

Any ideas as to what else we can do?
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Old 05-09-2012, 03:59 PM   #7 
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Anyone has any idea what else we can try? He's deteriorating everyday... and now he's a little more bloated.
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I would try daphnia. It's a more natural alternative to peas.
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