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Overfed my betta by accident! Help!

Hey everyone I'm new but I have had my betta for awhile. I know to only feed him 3 pellets a day but this morning the cap twisted by accident and a bunch of food fell into his water. I immediately started fishing some out but I know he ate a bunch before I could get it all. I came home to find him near the bottom of his tank which is odd. With suspicion I looked at his stomach which is very large.

After my previous betta died of either Swim bladder or over feeding, I have been very careful to watch Ambrosius' food intake. I don't want him to die. I have read that I should change the tank water? Is that true or should I just fast him? Do I need to feed him pea? All advice appreciated! Thank you!
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He will probably be fine but I would fast him for the next two days. DO NOT GIVE HIM PEA! Betta are carnivores so they should never eat vegetable matter like that. Depending on the size of your tank, I would do some kind of partial water change just to be safe :).
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Frozen daphnia or brine shrimp work as a laxative, if necessary.
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Thanks! My tank is the aqueon 2.5 Gallon. Even though I just cleaned it last night and did a 100% water change I took him out and put him in his travel tank and did another 100% water change rinsed all of his decorations AND rinsed out his filter. Haha so hopefully if there was any food left over it is gone. I might get a mirror to help him flare.

Thanks for your support guys!
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I don't typically recommend veggies for bettas as (already mentioned) they are carnivores and true they do not digest vegetables, or gain nutrition from vegetables, but I actually do find that about 1/4 a cooked pea (no skin) has relieved my constipated bettas within 12 hours (sorry to differ). It tends to come out like it goes in, and you have to be sure to remove it from the water once it passes. I just personally find it faster than fasting them.

Lyz flaring does help for exercise, and just an fyi, if you are female, I tend to find that breaking a mirror off a cosmetic compact works well if you show it to them, then lean it against the tank for a few minutes- they flare flare flare and then when you take it away, they've won!!! Using cosmetic mirrors is less expensive then the ones they sell for 'betta exercise'.
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