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Old 05-08-2012, 04:48 PM   #1 
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Goldfish with comunity fish?

Well i have 2 gold fish, and today i was cleaning there indoor tank (they will be going out to there pond soon) so i put the 2 goldfish in a 2gal bucket while i clean and let the water warm up. The one goldfish is over 8 years old now and not doing so good in the bucket. I still have to empty another tank before i can fill back up the goldfish tank and thats going to take a couple of hours. So do you think i should put the goldfish in my 35gal comunity tank? The smallest fish i got in there is a danio. I can make the tank 74 because i know goldfish are cold water fish. What do you think i should do? move them to the 35gal for a few hours or hope he makes it in the bucket?
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Can you put an air stone in the bucket?
Goldies have been known to eat smaller fish.
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I wouldn't put the goldfish in the community tank. It would disrupt the tank too much. Too much stress all around. Olympia is right. Get a bubbler and stick it in the bucket. Also, why are you removing the goldfish from the tank? You should never do a 100% water change on a goldfish tank as a strong bio-filter is needed.
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It depends on the "community fish" danios, WCMM, etc. are temperate water fish are are completely compatible with smaller goldfish. I would though, put an airstone in the bucket instead as an 8 year old fully grown goldfish will most likely be 12+ inches, if it is a common goldfish. Mine was 12 inches at the age of 1.5 years when given the optimal space to grow through his whole life
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