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Help with introducing new tank mates.

So today I got some new tank mates for my Betta male. I got a small school of Neon Tetras. I added them to the tank today and they seem to be doing great. I have been watching closely and my Betta seems to be hiding more sicne I added them. I have been watchign and they arent picking on him at all. He has chased them once or twice but that is all.

If he isnt being picked on by the tetras why would he be hiding more now? Should I give it a few days or take the tetras out? Like I said I have been watching really closely and the tetras arent picking on him at all. Not even nipping at his fins. But he is hiding a lot more than he normally does.

He is still comming out and swimming all around and he does go up for air in regular intrevals. I am just worried as to why the sudden change in behavior? Will it go back to normal once he gets used to them being with him? Or does he REALLY not like them and I should take them out?
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He may be observing them to make sure they're not a threat to his territory before relaxing around them. Tetras can be quite a sudden change for some of the slower fish, such as most of the species of Labyrinth fish.
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It sounds like he is defending certain parts of the tank, whilst keeping an eye on the tetra's sizing them up, and trying to work out if they will try and take his territory, is he hiding behind things that he uses often as a bed, a hideyhole etc?He may just be making sure they don't intend to take them away from him, if this is the problem he should calm down in a couple of days!Also he could be ill, or just scared, try and get a good look at him to see if there is anything that doesn't look right!Good Luck
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