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Originally Posted by BettaBaybee View Post
Still no one has answered my #1 question.....LOL.... it must be just too young for you guys to tell the sex.
I was catching up on this thread. I saw your album pic, and I'd say your fish is too young to definitively sex yet. Between females and males the main differences are that females have a heavier body and an "egg spot". The egg spot is a tiny white spot on the belly in front of the anal fin. The females also have shorter fins than the males, but with your fish the fins aren't grown out yet.
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If it's distilled or reverse osmosis water it will be virtually without any dissolved minerals. This is problematic as all aquatic organisms need minerals to maintain a proper ion concentration within their body tissues. Also, aside from being deficient in certain minerals, the kidneys will also have to work harder to flush the extra water- which will continually flow into the hypertonic tissues through diffusion- out of the body. Being essentially only H20, purified water also lacks the buffering to avoid rapid pH swings.

Despite all of this, if you're worried about your tap water (I hear you..I have a well too), I would just get a mineral mix designed for reverse osmosis/distilled water. I think there is one out there called RO Right (not really sure of the name though). This would give you more of a buffer and also provide the minerals needed for your fish.

Also yes, a heater is a must, as is a larger container that can support one. Water must be at least 78 degrees, optimally around 80 degrees especially for a young fish.
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@ Kim, so get distilled, not spring?
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No. You want spring rather than distilled as distilled is bad for the fish. The water is devoid of essential dissolved minerals.

It may surprise you to learn that spring water is also hard water. During a water boil notice a few weeks ago, I had to do some water changes on a hospital tank. I grabbed spring water from my local supermarket, and tested it. If I remember correctly the GH was 12 and the KH 9. This makes it medium hard water. However, every place that has spring water isn't going to have these parameters. And they may even differ from bottle to bottle. Changing parameters has bad effects on fish. Most people don't like using well water due to the high nitrate content and high hardness, but spring water isn't always the best as a staple either. What is in the betta water?
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Betta water if I remember is just pretreated water. It's way too expensive to be practical.
Some fish stores sell RO water, cheaper than distilled at a store usually.
I think it'd be worth considering doing a 50/50 mix of your well water and RO (or distilled if need be). This should cut in half any problems in your well water, including nitrates... You can go buy some low care live plants to do some work too.
Do you know what your well water is like? I mean if there is more than trace amounts of things like lead in it it's a no go for fish. But if you can drink it it should be fine either straight or mixed with RO.
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Everyone else already answered but well water is just fine.

Your fish is too young to sex at this point. In a month or so once it starts growing and being relieved of the stress of shipping and going to a new home it'll be easier to tell.
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I find it amazing how many people are afraid of well water. Does everyone live in a place where extensive mining, nuclear explosions, or fracking is taking place? Well water is from inside the earth, most has been highly filtered through layers of sand, gravel, rock. My well water is pristine except for a slight hardness. The nearest city has water so treated, it smells like a city pool the minute you open the tap...yuck!
For most peoples edification, spring water comes from the earth as well, is hard like well water, a company usually pumps it out of the ground(a well)...then they filter it, bottle it and sell it to people that the media has made afraid of well water!

Sorry, but unless humans have screwed up the water supply in your area by mining, drilling, fracking, or deforestation, your well water is probably better than any alternative!

Test it and make sure, but if you are allowed to drink it, it's probably ok for your bettas.
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Most of our wells around lake Ontario are so full of sulfer (and limestone) that it stinks up a room. Different geographical regions have different well issues, important to consider. A lot of wells these days have filtration before they reach your tap though, around here, unless you have a pretty primitive well, but my aunts is unsafe to drink. It's hell for them, they get all their drinking/cooking water from a neighbors city water.
Nitrates was the issue, which is one of those things that doesn't affect us in as small concentrations as fish, so testing of the tap is needed even if you drink it. Someone on here has a well that spits out 40ppm nitrate straight.
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Oooh, I would highly recommend that water change. I'm doing about 100% water change a day right now with aged water. When I did half day 100% WCs, I thought I could see the baby grow day by day. Too much effort though, and I stopped doing it about a week ago. I also threw in some salvinia and duck weed to keep any excess wastes in check as my tank is only a little bit bigger than yours, (until the fish gets bigger.) :)

Baby fish are fun, I'm training mine to swim into its water change cup every time I feed him/her/it, so I don't need to chase it around and stress it out with a cup every time I want to do a WC. Now when it sees the cup coming in, it knows it's food time and swims right in.

What are you feeding yours? Mine will only take crushed hikari biogold and ignores all frozen. Also spits bbs (the live ones) out...

color's came in at about 1 week after purchase! I hope you enjoy watching yours grow!
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You should be fine using well water, and just treating it with a few drops- look on the bottle what it says for treating the water. I have always used well water... We have our own well tap water. I've NEVER had a problem using it. I also use it for my koi fish pond (bigger project then bettas!). The well water shouldn't have too high of a nitrate content, don't worry about it, after treating it should be fine. I always let me water sit for few days after being treated and then change my tank over.
But they are correct, tap/well water has the minerals that every fish needs and with water treatment it just protects the fish and lowers some of the levels so it's not too hard on the fish.

( I would think that rain water out in the wild is more filled with nitrate, etc than well water??)
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baby, female

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