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I might put a heater in to keep the temp constant. The weathers been a bit....moody lately. It just stormed and now it's really nice outside. Weird.
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
The common snails most often that hitch hike in on plants are fine and since these are closed systems you will have to manually remove them as they over populate...just part of keeping

With soil based tanks and all the plants you need to properly set one up-the bioload of the snails will help the system anyway....its a recycling system of
The Trumpet snails are a little more preferable and they will - in the long term - eat the rest of the snails out of the tank. and they till the soil down around the roots so you don't have to worry much about bad gas pockets either. My NPT (that also has heavy filtration) has anywhere from 60 to 300 snails in it at a time. I cull them out by shock whenever I trim my minerals down but you can pluck them out handily enough. They reproduce well and none of my boys like to attack them and they even sort out my surface gravel from the mud. Handy little fellers even if I DO have to take tablespoons of them out of the canister every 3 months.
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Thank you so much for all the advice. I'm so sorry to cause you the inconvenience. Due to financial issues, I have dicided not to do a NPT. I will keep this info for future reference, though.
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