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Old 05-08-2012, 10:00 PM   #1 
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A question I posed earlier on anouther thread.
Should a light be left on during the entire spawning,or just when the male is tending the nest?
I never actually thought about it untill now.
I have been just giving the 12 hour on-12 hour off in the breeding tank,and leave a smaller one on when the male is tending the eggs.
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Well, in nature they do seem to make it through the night. But then there is that theory about the full moon and breeding.

I leave the light on until the fry are free swimming and the male is removed. No reason not to really.

I did notice Spike, my daughters VT will sleep in his cave if the light is left on all night....

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Old 05-09-2012, 12:41 AM   #3 
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you should be on a 12 hour light cycle. 12 on 12 off pretty regular.

What i've read from other breeders, and experienced for myself, is alot of tales of "rainy day, right before morning". What's more interesting is that myself, and alot of these other breeders, don't have our tanks outside. Or have outside light lighting our tanks. So how do they know it's raining outside? How do they know it's morning?

What i suspect is that the fish are more sensitive to changes in barometric pressures and gravity fluctuations with rain and moon phases, and are responding to that, more than the light of the moon.

And then adversely, what their lights are set at set when they think it's night and day. I heard many breeders say "just before light breaks in the morning". Well my lights don't come on until 12am, not 5 or 6... but sure enough i got up early and caught them in the act at 11/ 11:30.

I left my spawning tank and then growouts on the same timer. I had heard both methods, but in the end i also sleep in that room, so i needed that light out. Worked just fine for me. (btw my room is about blacked out, so no light from the moment i shut the room lights off till their light comes on in the morning) But it's also important to note that all fish are different. What works for some doesn't work for all, and even what works for most doesn't work for all.
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I don't use extra light. In fact, I often cover my dark colored tubs .... making it even darker in the tub. They will be fine without any light.
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I stay on my regular routine of a 12h photoperiod....lights off at night even when I have nest, eggs, fry....and I have never had any issues with egg/fry loss or the male eating eggs/fry...etc.....its more of a personal choice IMO not a need....but I also use a more natural method to spawn.....
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