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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
my video inspired a betta fish rescue in NY that now has a branch over in Texas. i have people messaging me on youtube, asking my help. i have people commenting about how my video inspired them to upgrade their bettas, and i often have people asking what other fish can live with their video...
I think I've come across your vid if you have the same name on YT. I was inspired to start owning bettas by this video. It's not like that in the UK thankfully. We have the "barracks" or community tanks in our stores and you rarely see bowls for sale but it was enough to make me 100% sure I wanted to have one of these stunning and misunderstood fish. Thanks to you and some other YT vids I've become a bit of a campainer myself.
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I like this thread- Congrats to everyone making a difference. I've got 1 petco and 2 petsmarts near me who use my brief typed guide for bettas with their costumers instead of the crap they are taught about bettas. I'm known as the fish lady (though I know more about cats actually).

Each rescue betta counts to that betta. Remember the starfish story:

"Walking along the beach, it was still early. The mist was still over the sea. In the distance, a solitary figure was gracefully throwing objects out over the water. Walking along the debris-strewn beach, I looked at the masses of starfish scattered everywhere. The tide had thrown them in, stranding them on the beach. As the sun rose higher, they would perish. Approaching the stranger, I could see that it was the starfish he was picking up and returning to the sea. Our eyes met. “Do you really think you can help? There are millions of starfish on this beach. You can help so few. Does it really make a difference? Does it matter?” He reached for another starfish, looking at it intently. “Oh yes,” he replied. “It matters to this one!”

I own 15 bettas. It matters to them.
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Sena Hansler
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And I have an idea (especially when my car sell)... Hear me out. Walmart tosses away shelving, or even C&C is cheap and rather sturdy if you do it right... or even second hand stores have light shelving. Those are free or cheap, depending where I go... Tanks in petsmart, no lid, no light, no filter, are 10-30 dollars each for 5 gallons to 15 gallon LONG. =D

I found aquarium silicone for 16.00, large tube, And either craft mesh (they can see each other) or coroplast (yay!!! it's safe!! but stiff...) I can divide my tanks just right, safely. Since it is now summer, i can do this because the house itself will be 85-100 any day now. Petsmart may not give discounts or freebies (jerks...), but this store does, and PJ'S PETS might.

PJ'S PETS in west edmonton mall is THE WORST!! If dropsy was curable I woulda demanded that steel blue for free since he had spunk and the want to live despite being on death's doorstep.
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I've gotten petsmart to give a discount. You got to talk to them right. Find one that you want and is sick and then state plainly "Hey this fish has (insert disease). *hand fish to fish guy or manager* I have the medicine and I don't have a problem buying a sick fish, I have a problem paying x dollars for a sick fish that might not make it" I got a dragon scale, normally 10 bucks for 5 because he had a tiny spot of fungus on his tail :P
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Sena Hansler
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It may be also different petsmarts. I didn't like that one. The other one I went to, the woman cared a few of the bettas had fin rot! If I went to that one, I'd probably ask lol. And state I live out of the city so why would I bring a dead fish an hour and a half to get a measely 1-8 dollars
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