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Female betta has white tips on ventral fins?

Hi, i'm new here and seeking advice on my female betta.

I bought her back in February now, not too long ago. She was tiny. To be honest I bought her a bit impulsively. I knew rough things about bettas like temps and tank sizes, etc. I was browsing my fish store one day and she really caught my eye. I bought her there and then and tried her in my big tank but my gourami didn't get along. So I took some water from the big tank and filled a spare smaller tank with that and some fresh water. Had spare heaters/filters lying around.

She's a very dark purple colour (almost black) and she has these bright blue (exactly like neon tetras) tints throughout all her fins and tail.

This was the first day she was in her new tank so her stress stripes are in full, her normal colour is darker than the colour of her stripes. She settled down after a day or two and her real colours came out she was even more beautiful.

However now she's got white tips on the end of her ventral fins. She's still growing (very fast.) She was smaller than a danio when I bought her and now she's much bigger than my danios. She's eating very well, always flaring at her food before eating it, haha. I give her a balanced diet of tubifex, bloodworms, normal flake, peas. She swims around perfectly fine, lives in a 6gal (on her own) heated to 78f with an azoo mini palm filter (heard these were good for bettas.) Also has some driftwood (no live plants yet.) I give her a weekly water change of about 20%. (Very spoilt lol)

She seems perfectly happy, she's had these white tips for about 2 weeks now. It hasn't spread or anything and nothings changed about any of her behaviour. Is it anything to worry about? I've read so many different options on what it could be.

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It's probably just her fins growing...they will come in a clearish color, but I also recall one of my females getting white tips as they grew out. Do they look longer to you?
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If the white tips are don't look like they are fraying or rotting at all, I suspect they are simply new colouring. :) Many bettas have white ventral tips. I wouldn't worry unless you begin to see other symptoms.
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