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Where do you shop?

You guys. It's happening... I'm wanting to spoil my betta senseless more than myself and I can' it. Must. Buy. Everything.

Anyway, right now Twpsyn lives at my office in a 2.5gal non-filtered, +heated tank with minimal decor so he can have "room" to swim. Yet, today I felt like 2.5 just isn't enough world to explore! Shoot, I'd get bored after a day... So my sister is graciously donating her 5gal to me and he'll be moving home. I was getting a bit uncomfortable knowing he's always there over the weekends with no one but himself and having to survive on what he was fed on Friday.

Onto the..point of this post. I'm not really familiar with "where-to-buy" places. Sure there's Petco and Petsmart. Maybe the local "family owned" fish shop, but it's always basically the same stuff decor wise.

Where does everyone go to buy their plants/sand/gravel/hideouts/etc? Online is fine, but if there are secret places out there I want to know about them!

I can't do live plants (well, maybe I can. I haven't tried, but if ever you needed someone to kill a plant while you go on vacation, I'm the one you go to) so I'll have to probably settle with the cutesy fake ones.

I do want to get a filter, definitely. What do y'all recommend for a 5gal? One that would hang over the edge, suction cup on, sit at the bottom, sponge filter? I really have no idea where to begin. The 2.5 fairs pretty well without one, but I wouldn't want to leave the 5gal without it.

Anywho, if you read all that you're my hero. Here it is 8:22 in the evening and good lord I'm still babbling away.

Carry on!
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I live in the northern kentucky region, and we've got Jack's aquarium and pets.
It's amazing. There's a HUGE one over in cincinnati somewhere (don't ask wehere, I can't remember) and the aquarium section is bigger than the dog section at petsmart. l0l
remember silk plants (or REALLY soft plastic) and soak them for a while to get the extra dyes out.

Otherwise, petco/petsmart/walmart.

As i can see by the hour difference, you live no where close enough for jack's. V.V
But that store. Is. The. Bomb.
If pets mart does haven't and petco doesn't have it. Jack's has it. And five things like it. Lulz.
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I have relative in Cincinnati. Maybe I can get them to take me there next time I'm visiting. They would never be able to drag me out!! XD

Amazon is a great place to shop for fish stuff. I recently made a large purchase from there. is another one. But that is all online stuff. Some of the only things that are going to be constant for everyone are the large chains like Petco and Petsmart. If you want something local, you'll probably have to find it yourself. Sorry :/
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Don't be scared to try live plants. :) I kill all manner of terrestrial plants, but at least with aquatic ones you can't under or overwater them. :p Things like anubias, java fern and java moss are great to start with and practically impossible to kill.

As for giving them room to swim - densely decorated is better than sparse. Bettas come from densely vegetated areas in the wild and more cover means more confidence. :)
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