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help aquarium plant experts!

I have a 30gal, freshwater, tropical,aquarium tank. Im planning to change my decor with real plants. But i dont want to put soil in my tank. Can anyone make a list of plants that can live being anchored on rocks and gravel?

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I have a melon sword, about a 20 narrowleaf chain swords, and some red rotala(think I miss spelled that) all in my ten gallon, no soil, no fertz just light water and fish poop and what ever the corys and ghosties don't eat. The do just fine my sword puts on a new leaf every few days or so, lets the leaf grow out, then starts a new one. My narrow leaf sent out runners and one of the babies Is about to send off a new runner.
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Lacefern, ambulia, anubias, java fern, ludwigia repens, rotala wallachi (this and the ludwigia need an iron dose to stay red), anacharis, java moss, hornwort, water sprite and duckweed. :) Check out each of their requirements (whether they need to be rooted etc) through Mo's thread or google.
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