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Concerns of a Traveling College Kid... and her Fish

My college gets out for summer break fairly late: I am not leaving for home until next Saturday. So here is my dilemma and maybe questions/advice:

-Next Saturday, I am going home aka four hours south of where I go to school, with my fish. They tend to get stressed out, but do alright in their cups in the cup holders of the car. Zamboni has taken the trip once already for winter break and back, and this will be Winnipeg's first.

-I am only staying home for one week and then I am coming back up to school for summer courses. (I changed my major and I need to play, "catch up," so that I am not a year behind for graduation) and I will be staying back up at school for six weeks or so, then I am back home for five more weeks, and then back at school early for my Resident Assistant Position, which we will stay there for the whole year.

-I am worried as to how stressful that is for my babies. It is going to be stressful for me! I would move them into the apartment complex I'm living in for the summer next weekend, but I just found out I may not be able to move in until the week of May 26th, so it isn't like I could put them in my room and buy 7-day feeders.

-How stressful is that travel? Over the course of three months, they will be in the car for approximately sixteen hours!

-How stressful is the water change?
They are going to be here at college, only one week of my house water, and then back up to the Apartment Complex water (that I am not sure is safe for them yet until I can get there) and then back home, and then back at school water.

Any advice to make their lives less stressful these next few months would be great! Thank you in advance!
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I wouldn't buy 7-day feeders anyway. They kill more fish than they help.

How large are your tanks? To be honest, for week-long absence, I would leave them at your uni residence, if you can. A big water change before you go and one when you get back, and they'll be fine.

However, if you can't leave them there for that period, don't worry too much. They should be able to cope fine. :) I would suggest keeping them in darkness during their travels, and whilst settling it. I'd also suggest getting some IAL and keeping those in the tank. The darker water will help the relax and settle in more quickly, and IAL has heaps of other added bonuses too. :) I use it to settle in new fish that I buy.
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Four hours is nothing. I took mine from Alaska to New york and that was TEN DAYS of car travel. About 2000 miles of it was on crappy unpaved or badly paved road and it was in wintertime. It will probably be stressful but they should be OK as long as the temps aren't too hot/cold. I added some Kordon fish protector to the water in addition to my normal use of Stress Coat. And I do think I had some indian almond leaves in the water as well
I would say the biggest hazzard would be the temps..if you are in the south or someplace tropical - make sure the inside of the car isn't to cold with the AC on. Since it was -40F outside when we did out move, I ended up having to hold the survivors in a small cage, under layers of blankets, and had them right up next to the air vents for heat.

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It will be stressful on them as I can imagine it will be on you, too. Since you can't move into your apartment for a bit, do you know anyone at college who could take care of them for a bit? You will still have to take them home for the 5 week time, but for that one week, it would be great if you could leave them at your college. That would cut off about 8 hours in the car for them. And it will prevent them from having to get used to one set of water parameters and then switching to a new set. The water change will be the most stressful for them.
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Old 05-19-2012, 02:40 PM   #5 
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Today is the day! Unfortunately I couldn't get anyone to watch them for a week since the college is closing until next week for courses. Even more unfortunately something happened (that could have been avoided but out of my control) and here I am already signed out of the college but stuck here for six extra hours than intended. Which will probably be more. Not to mention the car ride home. I go to school in upstarted NY so it is warm today almost 80. Its too hot in the car so my fish are outside with me. They were wrapped in black socks but I took them off to watch them. I feel so terrible! All of the buildings are locked and I cant get in. Which is the lesser of two awful evils? Out here or the car?

Upon observing my guys: Zamboni seems so fine. He has taken the trip once and back already and is perfectly comfortable. He seems happy ish actually. Even showing off for me.

Winnipeg however.... this is her first trip and she is not a happy camper. Her fins are clamped and worst of all her beautiful Cambodian colors have faded to an ugly orange and yellow. The sock is back around her now in darkness. Obviously this is not good for both but is there anything else I can do for her? Is it because its her first trip? Because she is female? She is not a docile girl she is usually fiesty and willing to take on Zamboni or her own reflection.
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Old 05-28-2012, 02:13 PM   #6 
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Sorry I haven't updated: We finally made it home last weekend and settled in. My water conditioner leaked and I had to sparingly use it between the two. I gave a little extra to Winnipeg since it was her first time experiencing that water. (My nearest pet store was 45 mins away and since my boyfriend's mother passing we have been taking him to legal appointments, etc. Very busy week.)
Winnipeg was discolored, clamped and lethargic all week. Nothing I did helped. I was very scared about her traveling four hours again.
Fortunately she not only made it to my apartment, but once I integrated her into the water (with newly purchased water conditioner) and eventually into her tank, she was instantly brought back to her full self again! It was amazing to watch!

I'm thinking the water in my apartment is the same as the college dorm because she looks so much better here instantly. Question: do Betta "remember" or recognise water?

Never again will I travel without enough conditioner. Lesson learned. :)
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Water conditions will make them act in different ways. I had a problem with Plattsburgh and Long Island water. Plattsburgh water (to put it nicely) sucks and Long Island water is better but the change hurt my fish. I had to carry a gallon of Plattsburgh water to Long Island when I travelled in college. It was a pain.

In addition, I travelled with my fish on a bus for 8 1/2 hours and then in a car for about 2. You learn a lot about these guys when you travel with them and after a while, you stop worrying.
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