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We had a jumper!!!

Cleaned both tanks today.... I accidentily put Winnipeg in when it was a little warmer than normal. Her "lid" is a divider that came with her tank skewed to not squish her tall plant and to allow air in.

I returned to homework on my bed and ten or so minutes later something told me something was wrong. Zamboni was fine and happy. But... I couldn't see Winnipeg.... not in her cave, log, nothing.... I panicked. I looked around the outside of the tank: nothing. My stomach went into my throat as I started to look around the floor. And inside a container I used to fill up water for their tanks.... was my fish out of water. She had to have jumped out of the smallish area from her lid, off my desk and into the (quite narrow, actually) container. I got some water from her tank into the container and dumped her back in. She is fine but there are a few pinholes in her dorsal.

I had plugged in the heater after I put her in. My guess is it might have accidentily risen the temperature to anywhere to 90 degrees! Stupid me....

I now have the "divider" as the lid. It is a glass plate and fits in perfectly.... with no air ... but I set it safely so that the wire of the heater props the lid up enough for air. (Not cutting into the wire. I hope) And I unplugged the heater before I left for class and with the lid it was about 85 degrees F. My boyfriend is keeping an eye on her while I'm not there today.

So was it probably the general temp? Or could the heater be crazy? Ive had it since September.

Like I said the water was a little warm when I put her in. I was just stupid and plugged in the heater which just raises the temp 5-10 degrees.

I know that it was too hot for her. I just would like some advice. And I'm still kind of amazed at her "aim". Scaring mommy!!!
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I have some old mini-heaters that you can't set the temp for some reason, they seem to make the water far warmer than my regular sized heaters, just testing it with my finger. They're supposed to be set to make it 78, but I am having my doubts.

I don't have a good thermometer to tell, but frankly, I wonder about them and don't use them.
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Sena Hansler
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I've been hearing that the mini heaters have been heating the water too fast, causing some fish to get ill or like you experienced, irrational behavior.
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