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I have 2 males in a divided tank 10 gal. heated and cycled tank. I made the divider myself using the instructions found here. I got home tonight to find they were in the same side. I don't know how Sub-zero got into Pokey's side but there they are pretty beat up. Sub has fin damage, and what appears to be some gill damage as well. Pokey is worse off. His fins are shreaded and he is missing his left eye. I am at a lose about what to do. I moved Subzero back and fixed the place he got thru. What do I do to help my boys? I don't think Pokey will make it. I feel horrible about it.
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warm water, aq salt, IAL (if you have it) or oak leaves, and maybe some extra stress coat. Keep in mind they can jump a good few inches out of the water so if you have it filled to the top of the divider he can get over that way too. I'm sorry to hear that all the same. I really hope they make it
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I have my 20-gallon divided and I leave the water level a few inches lower than the top of the dividers. Just to be safe. Neither of the boys have ever jumped, but there's a first time for everything I suppose. I do daily inspections of the tank and dividers to be sure that everything is secure. And every water change I make sure to do readjustments in case the new water knocked something out of place. I have mine divided three ways, with the middle section being just big enough to fit my filter. That way, if one gets over a divider, it is only in the filter section and not with the other fish.
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