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Anyone in the southern California 909 / 92404 area or near?

Is there anyone around my area, San Bernardino or surrounding cities who would like to take one of my Bettas? A male Halfmoon. I'm not going to ship anywhere and I'm not in dire need of rehoming him, but I'm sure someone out here could always use another fishie. It's too risky for me to give him away for free, I'de rather not do that, I got him for cheap because he was sick at the time, I paid $11 for him which is what i'm asking for his rehoming fee, I still have the receipt if you want proof of price. This will also give me some money to go and get my other fish some more things they need.

I got him from PetCo on the 27th of last month. He had a fungus and this pimple/cauliflower thing on his side. He is completely fungus free now but his bump on his side is still there. From what I can tell it won't be going away, its not gotten any bigger and it hasn't gotten any smaller. It doesn't bother him in anyway, he's very active and eats every day. He's totally healthy otherwise. I haven't really found the perfect name for him yet, I've been calling him Cloud Fish, but I also like the name Zion for him.. It doesn't really matter I suppose, he doesn't respond to it lol.

He is a powder purple that fades from his body to his fins to a magenta colour. His fins are white, I know in some pictures they look blue but they are white. And he has beautiful golden eyes.

He doesn't like pellets, I've tried to soak them first and then give them to him and he doesn't eat them. I've tried the NLS for small fish, Aqueon, some cheap off brand name and a few others and he won't eat them. He likes flakes. I feed him every day in the afternoon/morning the Tetra Betta Flakes and sometimes in the evening i'll give him a freeze dried Bloodworm that has been pre-soaked. I haven't tried any frozen food with him just yet.

He doesn't quite trust me just yet, we haven't had a whole lot of time to bond. He will usually let me take pictures of him and get nice and close to the tank, but if I put my finger up to him, even if slowly he usually leaves to the back of the tank. When I take the lid off his tank for feeding he stays at the bottom until I put the lid back on then he comes up to eat. He's timid but that could be because I don't have him in a real tank yet. He's been staying in a undecorated 1 gallon tank most of the time, i'm sure once he's put into a larger tank with a filter and plenty of SOFT silky plants he'll be much better.

He IS a Halfmoon so he needs silk plants in order to not get torn up and keep his fins nice and pretty. I recommend going to your local PetCo and buying silk plants there if you don't already have some. They have a new selection in and they have a really pretty light blue, purple and pink plant that would match him perfectly.

If you are in a neighboring city I could meet you somewhere in between if you would like.

If you don't have a tank larger then 1 gallon I also have a 3 gallon Marina aquarium I could sell you for $25 which includes Cloud Fish.

It looks like that one. It's in perfect condition and isn't currently being used. I had 3, this one originally was a "dinosaur" tank and had a green lid with green feet. The lids and feet are interchangeable so I will give you the purple lid and purple feet so it'll match him. I'll also throw in a bubbler filter (shown below), they are my favorite types of filters, the current isn't too strong and the intake won't tear up his fins. It's a different filter then what the tank originally came with, the other was meant for goldfish and was super windy. You can get the cartridges for it at WalMart for $3 for a pack of 2.

I don't have any gravel for you, sorry... I don't much care for coloured gravel but I think white gravel looks great with him (i'm all about matching colourful Bettas with their tanks). I originally had him in a 1 gallon tank with an under gravel filter while I was medicating him for his fungus and I used the white gravel.

The first 2 pictures below shows his colour perfectly.
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