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Old 05-13-2012, 11:25 AM   #1 
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Who To Put in a Divided 10 Gallon?

Hey guys~!

So, I have a question about my 10 gallon tank. I recently bought a divider, and put Atlas, the one in my profile picture, on one side and on the other, I put Goliath, my King.

Atlas seems very distraught about sharing a tank with another male. He is either constantly laying against the glass farthest away from the divider, or hiding. Meanwhile, Mr.Goliath is constantly pacing, constantly flaring and laying against the divider, staring up at the gap at the top that I am going to try to close off somehow.

Should I just leave them in there until they get used to each other?

I am thinking that this is not really gonna work out. Atlas really loves the divided tank, while Goliath, being used to smaller places (He finds smaller places more comfortable than larger ones, he tends to stress when in a large place) is...well, not liking it one bit.

So I was wondering, who would be the perfect match to put in the tank? I think I want to leave Atlas in there and put someone else in Goliath's place.

Here are the fish I have currently~

Dean- Black Halfmoon. He recently got the crap beat out of him a week or so back by a white, half blind, Crowntail, when they shared a divided tank. He is not very aggressive and has a very easy going nature. He rarely flares.

Gabriel- White Crowntail. I am not sure if he could go in there at all. He is half blind, so I think the large space will stress him out. He usually hangs out at the bottom or top of the tank. Very mellow fish, until he spots another male that is, then he flares like there's no tomorrow.

Pisces- Green Deltatail. He is a very slow swimmer, but him and Atlas are old enemies. The two absolutely hate each other. Pisces spends most of his time staring at his reflection in the rocks or sleeping in his hut. Very lazy fish, he never used to be that way.

Zeus- Orange and white Veiltail who constantly flares. He has a thing for building MASSIVE bubble nests and then showing off, he constantly is going back and forth.

Boromir- A dragonscale plakat who is very hyperactive. He is constantly racing around his tank. Constantly. It never stops.

Orlando- Salamander/butterfly Veiltail. He only flares at the goldfish it seems...and my sister. When he is with other Betta's...nothing. He just kind of ignores them and tends to his bubble nest. He likes to sleep a lot.

Krunch- A new chocolate/mustard gas betta. He flares a lot and thinks he's tough, despite his size. He does have a very obsessive nature, if he sees another betta and I block his view, he will try and try to look around the piece of paper.

Lolita- Female Veiltail. She is a very hyper active little girl. Originally, I was going to make the 10 gallon a sorority tank for her, but decided I wanted to make some space and put the males in there instead. I think maybe her and Atlas would get along in a divided tank, but I don't know if I do this, she will end up having eggs

I put their descriptions because hopefully maybe you can help me with one that would be better off with Atlas
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Old 05-13-2012, 11:34 AM   #2 
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I would say Orlando because of his quiet nature that shouldn't be a disturbance. If there is a problem however, you could aways remove him after an hour or two.
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Old 05-13-2012, 11:39 AM   #3 
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I would say Dean or Lolita
I like having a female in the divided tanks as the boys seems less stressed, and the females after the first meeting get bored and leave the males alone, and then eventually get bored of each other. That is just my experience. Currently I have 2 females and 2 males in a divided 10g, but it will be going back to my 2 females 1 male set up.
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Old 05-14-2012, 01:33 PM   #4 
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Location: Colorado
Thanks guys for the the suggestions! :D I may end up going with Lolita XDD Anyone else also have some suggestions on who will probably do better in the tank? :)
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