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Old 05-15-2012, 09:58 PM   #11 
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If Max is being a picky eater you can fast him for a few days if you really want him to eat those pellets, if that doesn't work crush some garlic and soak the pellets in the juice, apparently garlic makes Bettas go wild. :) But you can feed him the food that came free with the tanks if you don't want to bother with the garlic juice or fasting him.
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Old 05-16-2012, 01:37 AM   #12 
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The garlic/fasting will probably do the trick if you don't want to buy more food, but what brand of pellet are you using? It may be too large for Max's mouth. My betta was doing the same thing (the odd spitting out and re-eating behaviour) when I first brought him home and had nothing to feed him but Tetra Betta pellets. That's a horrid brand of food btw, binned it straight away when I found a place near me that sells Atison's Pro. I see you're in Brooklyn, so that's probably not going to be an option as Atison's Pro has been discontinued in the States. Try New Life Spectrum (pretty sure you can find it at PetCo or Petsmart, if not, it's on Amazon) - with only two bettas, that 60g tin will last you for ages.

Also, do consider changing that plastic plant out for a silk or live one eventually. It may appear soft enough, but long-finned males seem to be able to rip their fins on anything, speaking from experience.
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Old 05-16-2012, 05:47 PM   #13 
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I'm using Aquarian Floating Pellet Food for Betta which is what they recommended at the Petsmart.

I picked out some small, darker pellets (which were from the sample) and Max was fine with those. It may be the size. I'll pick out some small Aquarian pellets tomorrow and see how he does with those.

He is fine with the bloodworms, but I did notice when he spat out the Aquarians, they were quite a bit larger than when they went in.

Henry is fine with the larger ones.
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Old 05-17-2012, 01:07 AM   #14 
Reference Team
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I've noticed, in the discussion so far, water conditioner has not been mentioned. What are you using?
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Old 05-17-2012, 06:47 AM   #15 
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Welcome to the group, and though I didn't buy the two fish initially, I'm considering getting some additional soon. I've fallen in the love with the personality of my little guy and am pretty eager to continue down this path.

As for the tear, I couldn't be sure. Did he get the tear while they were sharing a tank? (If you said that, I apologize ... it's too early in the morning for me to attempt communication.)
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Old 05-20-2012, 06:30 PM   #16 
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I'm using Beta Bowl Plus conditioner. I got a Master Test Kit yesterday and did my first tank change today. Amonia was a bit higher than 0 for both, higher for Henry, but that's understandable as they shared that tank for a bit. It tested 0 after the change. I did a full tank change for Max as well as cleaning some of the gravel as it was full of food he spat out. He still won't eat the bigger pellets, he even spits out large defrosted bloodworms, so I think it's more a case of size as he does eat both when they're small and has no issues with the freeze dried bws.

Both seem to be settling in really well. I got them both "caves" today. Henry loves his. Max just got his so is still being wary.

I'll read up on the other tests that came with the master kit and see how it goes over the week.

Images - Tanks, Max checking out his cave, Henry inside his cave.

I need to do something with those cords, they're driving me crazy. I'll probably just stick a piece of white paper behind the tanks. These fish are NOT helping with my minimalist aesthetic.
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Old 05-20-2012, 07:47 PM   #17 
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Sounds like you are doing very well and your fish seem very happy! :D Your tanks are coming out very nicely too. Alas, the chords on these tanks are troublesome! The white paper sounds like a good idea. :)
Just a bit of advice, but you can raise the water level higher if you wish! Mine literally goes right up to the edge of the filter. It doesn't leak out or splash or anything. :)
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Old 05-20-2012, 08:00 PM   #18 
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Thanks Bettaluver4evr. I left the water level a little low as I was worried that they might jump and get stuck on the bulb platform. So far they don't seem like jumpers, so I'll probably raise the level at the next change.

One of the guys at Petsmart told a horrible story about losing one of his guys in a terrible water changing accident - it jumped down the drain!
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Old 05-20-2012, 08:07 PM   #19 
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I see! :) Sounds good. And I have read too many posts like that, it's heart breaking. I always net my bettas and keep them in cups away from sinks. I don't want to risk pouring them down a drain! It almost happened once and I nearly had a heart attack!
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Old 05-20-2012, 08:15 PM   #20 
Twilight Storm
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I like the Aqueon bettabow/minibow tanks I don't use the divider in mine. I just use them for 1 betta.

I don't know if this was answered yet because I didn't read the whole post yet. You may want to think about putting a sponge pre filter on the intake tube. This will stop delicate fins from being sucked in if they get lazy and decide to go sit by the bottom of the tube.

I use Aquaclear filter foam which is ugly in one tank. (It works GREAT but is far from attractive, and very obviously WHITE!!!!!)The other one I use the Fluval Edge pre filter sponges. The fluval sponges already have a round hole cut in them already and you can slide it right up onto the filter intake.

I don't know if they changed the sizes of the fluval edge hole cut out now, but I had to put a small ring of airline tube in my more recent sponge to keep it on my filter. (I cut a ring of it just big enough to barely go around the intake tube and slid it down into the bottom of the sponge. It just pops on then and stays secure.) They are black and look nice on the filter though. My fish like to slap themselves on the side of the fluval sponge and sleep. (There is just enough suction to hold them there.) I might just have lazy bettas though.

Here is a picture of what i'm talking about, It will help hold a nicer beneficial bacteria colony in your tank too when you change filter cartridges.

You can use pretty much any filter sponge medium you want to btw just cut an x in a piece of the foam/sponge and jam it on the intake. I just like how this one looks the best out of what i've used.

You can use a piece of nylons too... but i've found it starts to look a little funky after a while so I don't use them anymore.

Just wanted to share. If this was answered already i'm sorry.

Edited to add: The stuff that came with the tanks is Aqueon Betta food, I use it, my fish love it. Each betta is a bit different though and may be a picky eater or could have a small mouth. New Life spectrum is a good brand of food too, and is recommended here a lot.

Someone told me that you can jam a piece of sponge inside the filter intake too and it will help to baffle the output of the filter if your fish is having trouble. I can't say if this works or not though. Maybe someone who has tried it can say if it works or not.

You can get creative on backgrounds. They sell a good selection of backgrounds at the pet store. I have one that is freshwater plants. I've used a piece of crafting felt for a while. In some fish forums people say Sea blue or black backgrounds bring out the tank better then a white background. Use what you like to look at though, and what compliments your tank decorations. :) Your tanks are nice. :) Pretty bettas too!

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