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Moving with a 10 Gallon Tank

Hi guys!

We have a betta (Suki) and 5 ghost shrimp. We are moving in a few weeks, not too far, about 7 miles. However, we will have stairs to go down here and two flights of stairs at the new place. I know that we need to empty the water or at least 75% of it. They live in a 10 gallon tank, but have an extra one gallon tank. My thoughts are these:

A. Should I leave Suki and the Shrimpies in the tank with about 25% of the water and just carry them that way. (I'm worried about weight of the tank and more water movement but thinking this MIGHT be less stressful)

B. Should I move some of the current tank water to the one gallon and move Suki to it for the move, but leave the ghost shrimp in the tank with 25% water for the move.

C. Should I empty the tank completely. Putting some of the current water in the 1 gallon and then put both Suki and the Shrimpies in the 1 gallon tank. (I'm worried about this being too crowded for 5 shrimp and a Betta)

D. Should I put Suki in the one gallon with some of the current water and buy a small container to transport the shrimp.

What are you thoughts? Thanks!
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Okay here is my plan I am moving in like a month and a half and I have a ten gallon with 3 fish so I am going to leave just enough water to keep the filter wet and put the fish in cups. Then will transport them that way we to are only moving like 7 miles. That is just my plan and I have a ton of bettas to transport. So I am hoping all goes well. They will all probably make semi seperate trips as I have a feeling it will take a few trips to get our stuff there anyways then I will just reset up right away. Good luck and hope i helped out a little.
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:) It's pretty easy, and you could do anything really. When I moved my fishies, I emptied the whole 10 gallon save for about 1 inch above the substrate. The bettas were put into either a clean wide tubberware or their clean cups from the petstores. I collected the snails (I didn't have shrimps) and put them in a tubberware as well. The tank went into the trunk padded by towels, and the boys and snails were held to make the trip smooth for them. When they're kept in larger containers, if they're sloshed, they can build up a lot of momentum and smash into the side, possibly hurting themselves. When transporting, that's why using smaller containers is better :) It's also easier to hold.
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I would put Suki in a little container full of tank water and transport her that way. Same for the ghost shrimp, but in a seperate habitat. Its easier to carry containers then a tank full of water.
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