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Want some oppinions off you guys :D

I've been toying around with lots of ideas lately. Here are a few...

20gallon keeping it as it is and putting 1 female/male in my new 10g alone maybe with some shrimp or a nerite snail.

Moving Ky to my 10g with the above tank mates and having a 4-5 female sorority tank with my tetras and cories in the 20g.

Leaving Ky where he is and having 1 new male/female with 2 ADFs.

And one I am really unsure of so wanting to know if it could work, putting 4 females in my 10g and having a small sorority.

I am not about to rush out and get 5 females or anything yet, my lfs doesn't have any ADF's at the moment so that would be waiting anyway so what do you guys think..
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Sena Hansler
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I'd love to see for your tanks:

10 gallon: male, with java moss, java fern, and ahryd low light plants, with a few hidey hole ornaments, fabric/silk plants, soft plastic plants, and ghost/glass/cherry shrimp. Why so much stuff? to keep the shrimp alive! xD

Ky will stay alone?

The "other male/female" with 2 ADF frogs, with floating plants, some ferns, or even some sword plants, and hidey holes. ADF may try to nom the betta's fins, so feed accordingly and allow coverage :)

or with the 10 gallon... Wanting a sorority... 4 females minimum. I had: Marge, Tina, Rose, Zebra. With a 10 gallon it's easier to find them all xD I have some females together in the 40 gallon and it sucks lol. Anyways, TONS of plants!!! floating, tall, short and ones for the middle! Ornaments too, to hide in and break the line of sight. You wanna shove it full so you can barely see in it... It's more costly, more dangerous, including the fact you need 4 tanks to quarantine all females for 2 weeks, and need a couple at least to remove females who are aggressive to a point they can murder or severely hurt the other females.
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