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Old 05-21-2012, 08:39 PM   #1 
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He threw up...any pointers?

my fish threw up...poor thang. it got so scared because I was coming after him with a tool he never saw before, some tweezers. THere was a dust-like string stuck in his mouth and I thought he was choking on it! it was definitely stuck inside him! I freaked and quickly grabbed tweezers. I wasn't thinking at first and tried to use him in fishbowl but then quickly decided to transport him to a cup. As soon as I swiped him up with fish net and into the cup, he threw up( i just fed him lunch, a big lunch at that, because decided he needed more in his belly because he's only 2 months old) and he ate his own throw up. Disgusting but I think its survival instinct. After that I successfully got the dust-like string unattached to him, I put him back in the water along with the water that he threw up in because that was the easiest way to put him back in the fishbowl. I couldn't use the fish net again.

But anyways I just wanted to tell my story to those who can relate? I am a little worried about his behavior, he is still and not active. BTW, I did a complete water change because I wasn't comfortable putting him back in the water he threw up in and I fed him two pellets for dinner, what he usually gets.

I feel better now that I changed his water, I just can't stand him when he acts weird. I love it when he's swimming around and acting ferocious. I hope he will be back to his normal self soon.

Anybody ever had their fish barf on them? I guess I did give him too much to eat to begin with...3 pellets and also he ate two of them in one gulp! They were stuck together and he went for it! Wow, that explains a lot...omgosh I might have to keep his diet to a minimum these several days coming up.
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i never really thought fish could vomit...although they can "spit up" food, it is not the same as vomiting.
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Old 05-22-2012, 09:31 AM   #3 
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Don't panic. :)

He's not really 'vomiting' as much as spitting his food out. Maybe he just couldn't fit it all in his mouth at once. The smaller of my fish do this all the time. It's really nothing to worry about.
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Does anyone else see the ad for "e-bag" AKA a "special" puke bag on the top right of this thread?

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Originally Posted by teeneythebetta View Post
Does anyone else see the ad for "e-bag" AKA a "special" puke bag on the top right of this thread?

That... is weird. Haha. I have Adblock so I see no ads, thankfully. :D
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If I could see the e-bag ad, I'd be so weirded out. Thank goodness for AdBlock.

Yes, I have seen this "throwing up" behaviour in my own fish. When I brought him home and had nothing but Tetra pellets during the first week, he ate one, then two hours later he vomited it out. They were far too large for him. Poor baby. What are you feeding yours? Since I switched to far higher quality and smaller-sized food (Atison's Pro and New Life Spectrum Betta Formula), I haven't had a single problem.
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