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Good Supplemental Lighting?

Okay, so since the last time I was here, I've added the internal Marineland Duetto filter(I LOVE carbon filtration now), an AquaGlo florescent bulb, and more plants. Now, the AquaGlo has really kick started my plants' growth, so that just a week later I've had to trim them and made a new anchored group with them. ((I snag leftover lead anchors from the tanks at work. No one misses them. I also have a couple of rubber professional plant anchors.)) It's also caused a tiny algae problem, but I think some hair algae just hitch hiked home on my last bunch of plants. I think I've gotten it back under control. ((If not, I'll pick up some AlgaeFix with my next paycheck.)) Point being, though, that while my plants love the AquaGlo, it doesn't make the tank quite as bright as I'd like, especially in the front, out from under the direct light. I've been looking at the Marina LED Micro Lights, the submersible ones, and was considering getting some to light the front half. I figure a few little LEDs won't hurt my Java Ferns in the front, but would add just enough extra light to clearly see my whole tank.

What do y'all think?
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Adding the LED should be fine to add some more light for a better look to your eye, they may not do much for plant growth-but you are getting that with the current light.

Also, carbon can take some of the needed metals/minerals out that the plants need.

I wouldn't recommend use of Algaefix products-often they can't tell the difference between your plants and algae and can kill the plants too-plus adding more chemicals is not always the best since its a temporary need to find the cause and fix that.

Often it a balance issue especially with planted tanks, plus-it is normal and expected to have some algae in a container of water that has light and nutrients, some algae can be a sign of a healthy system, however, since this is a closed system it has to be controlled by manual removal along with your water changes.

Hair algae is often caused by too high watt lights, lights too close to the water, old light bulbs, wrong color temp bulb, photoperiod either too short or too long.
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Well, I did cut out pieces of algae infested plants, I think I got most of the problem places out and I'm going to cross my fingers that the problem is fixed. As far as carbon, my plants have been growing like weeds even with it, even better actually. So I see no reason to take it out. The only reason I guessed with hair algae is that it was much stringier than normal algae. I know a few of our tanks at work have some hair algae problems(less so lately, it's been all out tank war) so I'm thinking I might have brought it home by accident on a plant or anchor, then the extra light in the Aqua Glo just helped it grow. ((The other bulb I was going to get was ten dollars more expensive, and I just didn't have the cash at the time, so I figured some extra wattage was still manageable as long as I stay on top of it.))

Has anyone had the Marina micro LEDs? I'd love to see pics of the white ones, I can only find pics of the colored ones.
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