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Would nitrate levels in sorority tank have something to do with lack of success?

I've been having a lot of trouble trying to get my bettas to breed. I feel as I'm doing everything possible but still have failure after failure. I first tried breeding last summer and had tons of eggs and babies. Only problem was I was still learning and was only able to have a few reach adulthood. I've had a female refuse to drop eggs and males who ate the eggs. Just cannot get fry. I'm trying to figure out what is so different from a year ago. Last summer it seemed like it had to be the easiest thing in the world and now I'm stumped.

I keep my females in a 10 gallon sorority. The other day i noticed some plant die off and tested the water. Nitrates were quite high. So I removed the dead plant matter and did 50% water change. Last year the sorority tank was fairly new. I'm wondering are sorority females less likely to produce than females kept individually in there own bowls/tanks because they will get fresh water changes much more often? Should all my females be housed seperately so they get that extra special care?

Only other change I can think of is I put the breeding tank in a different room so I could monitor it more closely. Maybe there is too much traffic in this room?
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Unfortunatly sometimes fish can be like that. I keep my females in a sorority but seperate them 3 days before spawning. I think it makes them more interested in the male however there are plenty of people who spawn fish directly from the sorority. My worst culperate is usually high traffic areas there is to much interuption for them to spawn. Nitrates and any poor water quality also can factor in.
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Healthy Betta's in clean water = successful spawning.

I think they also like some privacy where they are not distracted.

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Thanks Creat. I'm trying out a pair right now. But for future attempts I think I will move the tank back to the quieter room. Also like the idea of removing the female from the sorority a few days before hand. Maybe even a week ahead and I could condition her in some almond water and stuff her with food.
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