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Omg please help me!!!

so i bought 2 female bettas and put them in bowl to see how they were health wise before adding them to me tank and one did i feel horrible did i do something wrong i chaned her water every 2 days had rocks and a peace lily in there i feel so bad bad please tell me if i did something wron by the way i had her for 7 days

also i bought another betta fish today and i never saw a beta so active she speeds through the tank and is so hyper should i be worried

please help i feel horrible im crying i dont want to think i killed an animal
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Could she get to the surface for air? Betta need to breath air every now and then the peace lilly may be blocking their way to the surface. Also if the roots are not properly ttimed they can polute the wate rser. So I say take out the lilly. And get her in a bigger tank.
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Did you put both females in the same bowl?
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You're not being very clear, what exactly is wrong with her? Also, the way you're talking it sounds like you're trying to put these fish together in one tank, which is a huge no no. Bettas live in solitary and should only ever be grouped in specific numbers and large tanks by people who know a lot about grouping Bettas. It's not something people new to the fish should ever attempt.

Because Bettas live alone, there's no need to put them in a small tank before adding them to their home tank, unless you have small community fish in the home tank you're keeping healthy. However small fish tend to be nippy with betta fins, and I wouldn't recommend trying to build any communities until you know more about the fish.

Make sure you have the basics down in your fishes tanks for each individual betta:

5G + Tank - If you do have them in 1G bowels right now, you should be doing a 40-50% water change daily, 100% weekly I believe. Otherwise the ammonia builds up and will harm the fish. (It's like putting a human in a sealed plastic bubble, where they have to go to the bathroom and breath. The CO2 builds up, and the ammonia from pee would eventually poison them.)

Heater - Your tank should be somewhere between 70-80 Degrees. 1G bowels are risky to heat, which is why you should have a 5G habitat at least, not to mention space issues with a 1G bowel. 1G of water fluxes temperature too easily, and you risk killing your fish if you try to heat it.

Filter - Highly recommended, but not necessary. Make sure the filter does not add too much current to the water. Unlike goldfish, bettas don't fare well with a lot of water movement. Stick with a low/adjustable flow filter, or baffle a filter you may have. (Baffling means to interrupt the flow as it comes out of the filter to slow it down. This can usually be done by cutting the ends of a water bottle, cutting a slit length wise all the way across, then trimming it to fit like a cuff around your filters outflow area.)
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