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Question Urrgghhh...Torn fin again! (Not an Emergency!!!)

Hey guys,

ok so this morning while feeding Honeycomb, i noticed one piece of his caudal fin (tail-where he had originally torn it--NO fin rot) was torn with a string and then a split. I had removed his castle last week because i thought he had torn it on that. He was WAY better after i removed the castle, and his tail grew back almost immediately. But now, despite he is as active as usual and eating well with a for the most part pretty good looking fin, he still has that one stringy piece of fin with a tad bit of red on the bottom. I don't think it is my gravel, because although he sleeps on there a lot, I have never ever seen his tail tear from that. I have silk plants in the tank which i also did the pantyhose test on and they didn't snag (little snag). My filter current is a little strong, but i have found out how to slow it down (fill water way higher) and he has been doing great besides this little tear. I would post a picture, but when i try to upload, my computer says that this "is not a valid image file".

Thanks and sorry for all the writing :), I just want my little boy to be ok

Have a great weekend and happy Memorial's day! I am sorry for all those who have a fallen family member.
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Sena Hansler
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clean water, good food, good luck My Georgie flares, a lot, because he's a grump and that is how he teared his fin.
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He should be fine. The rips in fins will heal

If Part of his scales, or fins is damaged then precautions should be taken to healing it

I would recommend slightly rasining the temperature within the tank to around 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit as In My Epxerience injuries and rips in fins heal faster with higher temperatures

Adding a small proper amount of aquarium salt if you have plants and fish that are tolerant of it, before adding a treatment of aquarium salt to your water always ask if the plants or inhabitants you have are tolerant of salt, hornwort, scaleless fish, tetras, and catfish a mostly intolerant of salt, it impacts them greatly

Keeping the water very clean and maintaining pristine water quality within the tank, depending on the size of the tank, the stocking, plants, and the filteration. I would usually recommend daily small water changes to keep ammonia minimal and to prevent diseases from occurring on the fish, fin rot is most likely to occur where there are rips in the fins, fungal diseases are common where injuries or scale losses have occurred

Keep stress minimal, ideally if there are rips in the fins, or injuries and scale losses you would want to take extra precautions to keep stress minimal, keep flow minimal, provide extra cover, keep area dark and warm. Don't bother the fish that much. a stressed fish has a lower immune system which leaves the fish more susceptible to many stress related diseases, such as fin rot, fungus, velvet, ich, and others that are related to stress but not considered diseases, such as tailbiting
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Thanks guys, and yes, he has been flaring more often. He already has some aquarium salt in his tank, and a bit of Melafix(very very small amount). Don't worry, the Melafix has been doing me a lot of good in helping to heal his fins. I know some people says it can cover their labrnyth organ, but my Betta was eating well and VERY active when i put it in his tank with a water change. I would only put something in my betta's tank if i thought it was safe.

Thnaks for all the great advice, and sorry if the Melafix offended anyone
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caudal, fin, split, tear

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