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Was his red always that dark? That's the colour my stressed out red/blue crowntail turns if I cup him.
Just want to ask, are you getting actual numbers? "Safe" levels coming from a pet store worker can actually be unsafe in reality.
How long had he been in the ten gallon before you noticed this?
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When I first got him he became very ill still not sure of what but he had fin clamp and lost his color. I was told he may never get it back but it is slowly..very slowly..coming back so yes he pretty much has always been that dark from the start of when I got him.

He's been in the 10 gallon since feb

No I'm not getting numbers but I do trust the people telling me his water is safe considering I actually personally know them and know that they do know what they are talking about.
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Basement Bettas
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Originally Posted by MaxGreenMDE View Post
There's nothing different about his head and dorsal fin, no strange markings or rips. Just the dull colors and momentarily lethargic.

He's swimming like normal now so I'm thinking he just may have been stressed out in the 10 gallon. His fin rot is also looking better I see parts of his tail and such growing back.

I don't have a test kit and I know I'm going to get reamed for this but I just can not afford one. All I can do is take water samples to work with me and have them test it there and every time I have done so they have said my water is safe.
If your dealing with fish people at the shop that is fine. My locals don't know anything about fish.. and it is what you can do so that is good. Just get those readings and keep track of them so you know what is going on. It is just you need to test a few times a week and see what is going on in the tank with the water. Like you can go 3 days then the ammonia goes up. That will help you manage your water changes. It will also show you where you are in the cycle. In time try to get the ammonia test. If you didn't have a heater they get lethargic with the cold. I'd keep him closer to 80* if you can.

You are not looking for rips but a dense short fuzz or dark colored patch. If you don't see anything that is great. A flashlight is good for looking them over.. and easier to see velvet too.
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He had a heater in the 10 gallon. He seriously perked up a lot more once he was moved into the 2.5 gallon. I know about the fuzz and velvet stuff I did use a flashlight and I actually take him out of the tank and put him in a betta cup when I look for those to get a better look. Nothing was showing up.

I'm using stress coat to help with the fin rot..and I heard aquarium salt keeps Ich and Velvet at bay so I add salt during every water change.
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