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white worms???

This isnt in my betta tank... but i found a whole bunch of white worms plastered to the inside of my community tank today... they weren't any more than 1/8 of an inch but there where TONS of them!!! I took the fish out and cleaned the tank... but what are they? How would i treat my fish, if i have to at all???
the water is changed once a week... and stays at a temp of about 76 or so with mollies and platies in it. one fish is noticably thin and another is bloated and slow moving... im so lost!!!
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Do you mean On the Glass, Inside the Tank? And it takes a few Seconds to Notice them? I have that. It's quite common. I think it's called, Planaria.
It does NOT pose a Threat to the Fish. However, there IS a reason that it's there. As a Flat Worm, they need a Food Source to begin with. Are you Overfeeding your Tank? It's a Community, so you need Food for EVERYONE.
Watch for ANY TYPE of Wastes. Food Waste, or Dead Plants. Overfeeding, is the Main Cause of this.
I too, am Decreasing Feedings.
Anyways, to get Rid of it you have to Feed your Fishes the Minimal, and have VERY CLEAN WATER. Even more Cleaner than before. Have a Thorough Cleaning. And NO Overfeeding.
Watch for Food in the Gravel.
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Parasites, worms maybe of more then one kind..
Cant really tell exactly what it is without pictures..

I would suggest to isolate the bloated one and treat him with clean 85f water (if possible with an air pump) and epsom salt, that should reduce the swelling and kill most kinds of parasites, they cant stand heat like that for long.

Is the thin one eating? if yes then its 99% internal parasites.. for that you need meds as far as I know. Look at the sticky thread for internal parasites for the name of it..

Both of them probably have the internal so treat both, don't mix the salt with the meds and check for notes on high temp for the meds if you decide to use it.

Hope they get better :)

But better post pictures before starting treatment because I might be way off here.
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