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Old 05-30-2012, 05:03 AM   #1 
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Bubble nest worries + WC

I dont know whether I should be proud or concerned...

Ive had my baby for barley half a week, and he's not even 1 in. But he is building bubble nests already -and guarding it! is this normal behaviour for a betta this size?

I was going to do my daily water change today, but when I saw the nest I was like awwwww... I'll do it tomorrow when I've taken enough photos.
The actual nest was much bigger. But I pulled some salvinia out and took a chunk with it :(

I've blocked off his vision from half the girl's tank, and they are atleast 5 inches apart...what an effect. Should I remove her from his view completely? they're still "babies". I thought that at this age they should still be playing together like kids - not flirting!

Whater change question: I used to scrub down my half gallon bare bottle jar when I had my baby girl in there, there was a clump of salvinia in there, so all I had to do was to lift them out, take out the girl and dump the water. Nowthat she is in a half gallon Marina (temporary until out grown) planted, plus sand gravel etc. I've been siphoning it out instead, but havent cleaned the gravel or the wall. once a week I'll stick my super long fish taank chopsticks (Sorry I
ASIAN) and give the sand a little stir.
The readings are all zero (probably thanks for the duckweed). do you guys think its ok if I dont clean the walls and gravel?

Thanks in advance

baby boy:
baby girl
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Old 05-30-2012, 10:09 AM   #2 
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Aww how cute! Bubble nests are a good sign. It means that your betta is healthy (and most likely thriving).

As for the scrubbing, as long as there isn't any gunk on the walls I would say it's fine. But I recommend scrubbing EVERYTHING down at least....maybe once every few weeks? Just to be safe -w-
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ok thanks :) Do you breed betta fish? I thought bubble mests were good too, but i wonder if breeders think the same :( Should I take this qiestion to the breeding section?
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