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Is this normal behavior?

Earlier today I was gathering my stuff for a partial water change before I go out of town for a few days and my fish appears to get excited and is splashing at the top of the water(I have him on the countertop and was preparing his stuff in front of his tank). I stop to watch him and he stops to watch me. I carry on getting stuff ready and I hear him splashing again so I stop again to watch him...and he stops again to watch me. I looked him over very carefully even with a flashlight and can't see anything wrong with him. I fed him to make sure he's eating and he hit the food like a piranha. Everything seemed to be OK after feeding him...wth?

He appears to have good body condition. I was wondering if I am not feeding him enough? He gets 7-8 Hikari pellets about 3 times a day and he is one of those Petco kings so he's a good bit bigger than regular bettas.
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I can't speak from experience, but I'd guess he's probably fine. Bettas are interesting little guys and gals and have quite large personalities. If he's eating, looks healthy, and is otherwise acting healthy, my guess is ... he's fine.

My betta Caesar follows me around the downstairs, always staying on the side of the tank that is closest to me. He will also go back and forth between people conversing, staring at one and then the other as they talk. He's recently taken to being quite friendly with me when I feed him, and rubs against my fingers as though he were a cat.

So safe bet? He's probably fine :)
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Agreed. He knows that you coming around means food, so he's probably trying to get your attention. Or he's just excited. Either way, be glad you have an active fish with personality rather than a dull fish who doesn't care about you!
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