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Wat Do O_O (guppies?)

So my dad sent me to Wareham to pick up Deezel's dog food. It just so happens that this woman who responded to my ad on Craigslist lives in Wareham - she was donating some tanks and supplies to help me kick-start my little betta rescue. I decided I would pay her a visit while I used the gas to get up there, which she had no problem with.

Get to her house and she had SO MUCH STUFF for me. What a lifesaver. I got a 20 gallon, a 10 gallon, gravel, so much AWESOME decor, and like 5 different filters. I haven't even looked through it all yet. All for free <333

She was waiting on the porch for me and as I was walking up the driveway she says, "I have another surprise for you." She tells me she was dumping out the water in the 10 gallon that had guppies, who she gave to a friend, when she found two babies!!

So now I have two baby guppies and no idea on how to care for them! They were in old, green water and I don't want to keep them in that much longer. I have a small little betta keeper that I put them in at the moment.

Should I just transfer them into new water with water conditioner? What do these guys need? I don't have a tank for them, so I might adopt them out if I can, but I at least want to properly care for them while they're with me.

Help ._.
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Wow. Congrats on the new supplies. I hope your betta rescue goes well.

I know you want to dump the little guys in clean water right away, but the shock of the change could kill them. Slowly start changing their water. Depending on how large the container is you could do a gallon a day or even just a turkey baster's worth of water. Fish need to be acclimated to any change in water parameters. A huge one such as this could take a few days. Patience is the key! Hope you can find some good homes for them. Keep an eye to make sure that one doesn't develop into a male.
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Location: Wareham, MA
I had a feeling it might be to stressful to just throw them in! I'll be sure to add the new water slowly.

One is really tiny and the other one is much larger with a pretty orange tail. I'll keep an eye on them to see if I can tell their gender once they're in clean water.
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