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I've had my new betta for a few days now and I've noticed something strange when he eats.
I got him pelt food because I heard that it was better than the flakes.
Well I've noticed when he eats that at first, he eats fine, but if the pelts have been in the water for more than like ten seconds, he gobbles the food, but the spits it back out.
I worry that he's not getting enough to eat. He keeps trying to eat, but the food keeps being spit back out.
Why is this happening and what do I do?
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Bettas can be picky eaters. Especially ones that are adjusting to new homes. This is actually something that happens quite often to betta owners. Just give it time. If you're not already, try to drop one pellet at a time and make sure that he eats each pellet before giving him the next one. You could also try some new brands and see if he likes those better. I like New Life Spectrum because it is smelly enough to make my guys greedy gobblers and the pellets are tiny enough that they are very easy for tiny betta mouths. Giving him special treats every week such as bloodworms or brine shrimp will add variety and help his appetite as well.
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You know this topic has been coming up a lot ...there is something about the reg size pellets, that betta's just don't like..(are those the ones u are using?) reg size..the Micro pellets are usually what betta's prefer

I use the the Haikari Gold micro pellets, and I saw a difference immediately..because our Sammy just spit out the other ones he goes wild for the micro pellets..give em a try..hopefully u will see the difference too..:) Good luck..Yes, betta's are picky fishies
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Yeah, I second Lelei. The normal pellet brands just seem to cause most bettas problems. So I changed to tinier ones. I see a lot of people with the same complaint as well. I have noticed that the smaller better quality pellets are much smellier and higher protein. Maybe that's it.
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Yeah my betta loves the micro pellets (of course they came recommended by the petsmart people). But my guy is nuts I gave him live brine shrimp today as a treat and he spit them out?! O.o
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Your betta sounds like mine that I just purchased yesterday. If you've got a turkey baster you don't use, I've got a tip for you. My betta won't eat pellets off the bottom of the tank, he'll only eat them if they're floating or mid sink. So, if he doesn't immediately eat a pellet after I drop it in, I'll take the turkey baster and suck up the pellet, then drop it back in someplace where he can see it. He's eaten every single pellet that way, save for one that I forgot over night.
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