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Captain Jim Dandy
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Needing a partner

I recently was given a single "dwarf gourami" by a friend and I took a while to decide whether I liked him or not. He can be very mean and sometimes he's kinda a punk. But the point is.. he's in a tank full of Blackskirt tetras and he's pretty much alone. So I want to find him a friend... I know that females are scarce but surely they can be found? I know years ago they could be had. Does anyone know where I can look? Thanks, CJD Well, I just found some in Ohio... 25 dollars shipping

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I've kept Dwarf Gouramis before and I wouldn't advise keeping a single male with a single female, for the same reason you can't keep male and female Bettas together. The male will bully the female. It also isn't advised that you keep more than one male unless you have a very large tank as they are very territorial.
To be honest, Dwarf Gouramis aren't very sociable fish anyway so if it were me keeping it, I'd keep it on its own.
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