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Ugh! :(

Okay so I don't feel like reading through a ton of threads ATM to figure out the issue, and I hope to find something out before work tomorrow so I can remedy it ASAP.

Bruce got his fins stuck in the filter because the little turd just couldn't help himself and had to keep going back there. I've been tryin to run it just a little to keep the water clean since it's a small, non cycled, tank and forgot to turn it off after crafty mode last night! /kicksself.

I got a look at him and his poor fins on his rear are all jacked up :( :( Red like blood and he got a slight hair cut :( grr. What should I use to treat this? I have Stress coat as my water conditioner, i have the two diff types of salts and some quick cure but not much else at the time.

Thanks :(
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Well for this kind of situation it is just best to keep the water quality very clean and living conditions perfect and time will just heal the guy.
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I'm all over a water change as we speak, with a little extra stress coat in the water. Gotta let it sit though for a few, haven't gotten to get a good container to store and age some water in so I wanna make sure it gets to mix and clean out the tap chemicals. Going to do water changes daily. Heard bad things about bettafix so although I read that on some sites I'm going to dodge it.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I feel terrible for the little guy.
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Twilight Storm
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Pop a panty hose over the intake tube, or put a aquarium sponge or filter foam over the intake. My fish like to sleep on the sponges where the intake tube has some suction through the sponge. They spread out their fins and just lean onto the sponge and let the filter hold them there with no effort on their part while they rest.

I mainly use the sponges (Fluval Edge pre filter sponges fit nicely on my intake tubes. They are soft foam too which my fish find comfy.) I leave my filters on all the time with no ill effects as long as the intakes are covered with something. (I don't use panty hose though, I think it gets really ugly looking quickly, and I don't know if the thin layer of nylon would be as safe for long term sleeping if your fish wants to sleep on the intake suction. It WOULD keep his fins from getting stuck in there though.
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Well there's not really a tube it's a small little square filter since it's a 2.5g, so unnecessary w/proper water changes. I'm working on the 20GL for 3 of 4 boys. I plan on hiding the heater/filter behind some crafting mesh for that project to help dodge any suction issues, and for looks purposes.

I did a large water change now with extra stress coat. He is acting like his normal sassy/nosy little self while I had my turkey baster in there sucking up mess. He ate his pellet w/out delay as well. He's a little trooper. Same little punk took a dive out of the cup once before I could put a lid on it and ended up in the sink drain for a few. Needless to say my reaction time for lidding cups when doing a 100% has gotten much better.

Had another one once that got an unfortunate haircut from a tank mate... after his initial O.O stage he was a bouncy little guy, happy as can be. So hopefully this doesn't hurt Batmans self image.

Should AQ salt be used or just the stresscoat and keep doin changes daily?
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