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Smile Baby betta care?

Hi there I'm new to the thread so I thought my first question would be about a baby betta!
I want to raise a betta
I have a 1 gallon under gravel filter corner tank (the cheap one from petco)
Is that ok for a baby betta?
Do I need a heater?
What would be the ideal water conditions?
Any other ideas or sugustions would be great!
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Sena Hansler
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well... YES the 1 gallon can fit a baby betta. But they need heaters and good luck not cooking the baby in the one gallon

Why a heater: Baby bettas bought from the store have a compromised immune system. Because they come from wholesalers, they aren't as healthy as one some of the breeders on here raise. The fry will need a variety of foods, for best results, constant cleaning (for one gallon, clean EVERY day for maximum growth) and warm water. A filter will push them around, I am not sure about the under gravel one...
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I would suggest a 5+ gallon for a baby. Heaters are a bit easier to find for that size of tank as well. Ideal conditions for a baby will be clean water all the time (lots of water changes) and a tank temp of about 82 degrees F. Along with some form of live or frozen foods, probably cut up as well to fit the little guy's mouth.

A filter is necessary but you must be sure that you can control it. You don't want the surface of the water moving a bunch, infact your going to want it to move as little as possible. Most of us make a sponge filter and have a air control valve set to bubble a few bubbles a second. That way if you get a really tiny guy he doesn't get stressed out easily.
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Sena Hansler
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I use a sponge filter it's very nice! If anything, minimum try getting a 3 gallon because you can heat that and up easier! I have my fry in 3 gallons of water in a 10 gallon ^^
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