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Sivan, I have access to the Virginia Tech libraries which includes their vet library (which I have been told by my friend in vet school there has very little information on fish). If you need me to look up a specific article, I will be happy to do it for you. Just PM me the title and journal name. I also have access to all of the articles published by the American Fisheries Society.

I know betta are a popular aquarium fish, but there isn't much research done on them because they aren't a big money-maker. Most research done on fish is for recreational and commercial fisheries because people want to catch big fish and eat lots of fish. This hobby isn't part of the mainstream ichthyology and fisheries research. The closest thing the American Fisheries Society has to an "aquarium journal" is the North American Journal of Aquaculture of which some of the research can be applied to our hobby. The aquarium hobby is barely on their radar.

If you were to cite things, I would cite magazines like Practical Fishkeeping and Tropical Fish Hobbyist. While they don't have much on bettas, I have found a care article on the PFK website. I will also cite reliable online sources such as which is good for temp and hardness parameters. There is a pretty good list of sources at the bottom of my betta fish care article in my blog linked in my signature.

However, if you have access to a college library, you might be able to find some ichthyology textbooks. While these will have little references specifically to B. splendens, you will find a lot of information about the labyrinth organ and anabantids in general. You can also find general fish physiology information including how the gills work and why ammonia is detrimental to them.

Good luck with your research! Do let us know if you find something really interesting!
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Thanks KoiMaiden.

I am going to take a look at my university library. I have some science labs to do but maybe I can find some research afterward. I know they don't have anything on the betta splendens species available through their databases but I may be able to at least track down article titles. If I do, I'll ask you to perhaps take a look for me.

I am going to see if I can get my hands on Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine and will continue to search through PFK articles online. Although I my boyfriend is living in the UK right now, he does not care about fish like I do and probably has never heard of the magazine or will have free access to it. Not to mention, it is kind of unfair to ask someone to go through tons of issues to help me find something relevant.

I will sort the information out and definitely post when I have a compiled list but I feel like this will take a long time...which is fine because I love this sort of thing. I feel like this is going to be longer and more researched than a dissertation. Haha.
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They are still in print. I found them on Amazon.
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You can subscribe the PFK in the US, but it costs a loooot more. I'll be asking for a subscription for Christmas.
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Reference Team
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A lot of this information falls under the category of "lore," with all the characteristics of lore: Good, bad and indifferent data with mostly empirical evidence in support.

Even though we communicate with writing, this forum still functions on the word-of-mouth template. Every participant brings his own experience, observations, experiments and knowledge to the discussion, where it is sifted compared, contradicted, bolstered, ridiculed, modified, changed and accepted or rejected.

This is pretty much the way knowledge has been handed down though the millennia, even before the advent of the written word.

Some sociologists and educators still think this is the best way to learn. I can't disagree.
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