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I personally don't know if the betta and guppy would do well together but I know guppies are community fish so you want a couple of guppies maybe 4 or 5. They'll probably stay in a school if the tank is big enough. The betta might try to attack your guppies because of thier colorful tails.
Hope I helped!
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It really REALLY depends. Female guppies are safer to put in than males, but it really depends on your boy. (and be sure to have LOTS of hiding places)

Every betta is different, one may do something that goes against the rest, but I wouldn't put my luck on it. Why don't you try something like a bright colored Platy first to see if your boy tolerates tank mates?

I would take him out, rearrange everything, then stick the fishies in first. THEN add him. If he stalks and nips them for more than a few hours or is seriously aggressive then I wouldn't add anything.

My boy seemed really docile until I tried moving him into my heavily decorated 10gal platy tank. He ripped one of my boy platys apart....*R.I.P, Pong.*
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I bought neons for my tank. I bought 6 on the recommendation of my pet shop and put 3 in each tank initially, this was to ensure I did not affect the water conditions and that the males were OK with other fish in their terrirory. Initially one of my betta's was chasing them for the first few minutes but then it all settled down, they have been together for just over a week and all is OK.
I am keeping an eye on my water conditions and will add a couple more neons to each tank in a couple of weeks
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Try a female betta and female guppies, less likely for problems . . .
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