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Treating Fin Rot. Please help!

I apologize in advance for long post.

My betta has fin rot. He's in a one gallon un-filtered, un-heated tank. Until just recently doing some research I didn't know they needed heaters. I'm going to get a bigger tank when I can, but for now I've been doing daily water changes. I use Prime water conditioner.

When I bought him I saw he had a snaggly fin, and did a little reading on fin rot. I thought since I keep his water pretty clean it would get better on it's own. It's been a few weeks, and it's only getting worse.
I've added aquarium salt to his water yesterday and today, and now finally found some Jungle Fungus Clear. The problem now is that the dosage is for a 10 gallon tank.

So I guess my question is how do I treat my 1 gallon with it?? And should I continue to use aquarium salt?

I would really appreciate some help. I've never kept fish before so I feel totally clueless :( I just want my poor fish to get better.
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dosing is easy. pre dissolve it in a smaller container with an amout of water that you know the volume of, and can easily measure out 10%. then just dose with 10% after the meds dissolve. Don't forget to condition the water
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Thanks so much! I feel real smart that I didn't think of that myself >.<

Can I save the rest of the dissolved meds to use later? How long would it keep?
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It's not recommended to save the rest - just chuck it, make a fresh batch every day.

I've been in your shoes.. my first betta was sold to me as a cold water fish that liked living in small places. I very quickly discovered how wrong that was! Don't kick yourself too hard, we all start somewhere, and there's so much to learn - and so much misinformation.. You care enough to ask advice and seek solutions, so your betta is better off than many out there.

Cold water won't be helping his ability to heal, so do what you can to keep him warm - I'm guessing it's summer where you are, so that's better than winter.. an aquarium thermometer will help you, there.

Don't use salt with the medication. Make sure to follow the whole course so it hits the disease most effectively. 100% water changes, every day with the medication. Every 2 days when he's off it, as 1 gallon gets ammonia buildup really quickly.

Hope your fish is better soon!
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