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Concerning behaviors of a CT and VT

Two bettas, my newest CT and VT, both currently unnamed. Picked them up Sunday Morning (the 3rd) at my nearest Petco (there are 3 I can get to within 15 miles), along with a black and dark blue DT that I gifted to a friend, who has been doing tanks far longer and has been wanting a betta. He has reported back to me that so far the DT is eating just fine.

-- The CT --

He lingers at the bottom of his cup and he does not accept flakes or pellets on top of the water. However, if he sees the pellet fall before him, he follows it, slowly closes in on it, and potentially attempts to eat it... and he -may- in fact eat it and not just spit it back out.

When I got him his water was terrible, as it had what looked like black specks (maybe his waste?) floating all over when he stirred it up. I of course changed his water the first day, and had him swim about in the 7 liter water change clear-plastic bucket/tank I bought and setup, before I dragged him back into the cup of course. This tank setup allows his waste to fall so the cup water would be clean of those particles when I scooped him back up.

He avoids me, and goes still when he sees me get close, swimming to the opposite side of the cup at times, and only comes up for air every so often. I just put a little bit of Blackwater Extract in today to see if that may help any.

I was concerned that he wants blood worms, which I have yet to get to test that theory.

I'm reading around and am concerned that this could be a sign of him going into a state of dropsy soon.

He indeed looks like it could possibly be coming on, as he looks a little round where it typically starts at, but I'm not seeing the scale pine-coning just yet if it is, so it could be something else I'm not yet aware of.

He seems fine except for this behavior which is what gives me lingering concerns. I may have to wait and see with him before truer signs of a diagnosable disease/ailment sprout.

I recall that he was similar to that when I got him, which is partly why I picked him in hopes of getting him better.

First picture is him, and you may notice the bulging look.

-- The VT --

I have yet to see him eat anything since I got him. When he was in a cup, I tried pellets and then flakes, but nothing, even when pellets sank. He ignored everything.

I jot flustered by that, so he is currently in one of my two 10 Gallon tanks with 5 Glowlight Tetra, and he actively harasses them a bit, every so often. He swims around the tank as if nothing is wrong, but he tends to prefer being near the bottom and is not too darting in his movements. Not to say he will not swim around near the top, he just does not seem to prefer it.

I mean, he even rides up the bubble stream from the aerator every so often! I just do not understand, as he will not come up for food, despite crushed up flakes and pellets being offered, and all attempts to get his attention.

Pictures 2-4 show that he isn't inactive.


The temperature in the room is above 70, fans and Air conditioning are off, and I have turned the room heaters on to counter outside temps being lower due to stormy cold fronts, though my room is typically the warmest in the household anyway.

EDIT: Temp in the 10 G is about 80 F, just to throw that out there. While I may have covered the bases, I posted to see if I may be missing things that I have yet to catch and read up on on these forums and posted links to concerns of others who may have had similar situations.
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Hello, the CT just sounds scared right now.. give him a few days he will calm down..

Give them sometime.. My gf's betta took a week untill it started eating..
Some of them go thought hell in pet stores so give him time to trust a human again :)
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My friend had a similar issue, she kept trying different food to no avail and someone recommended micro pallets. He took to them right away and is doing great now.
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The CT is getting more active. He ate pellets off of the surface of the water today. :)

The VT is still being weird. It is kind of interesting to watch him shy around though, as he peeks at me from behind objects.

My friend did tell me they have a limited memory, so that after so long they should come around.

I guess this is just a waiting game for now.

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Yea 5 months + - so not that limited :P
But they'll get used to you.. Remember right now, since they hit adulthood your the first human that wasn't torturing them(from their eyes).
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