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Exclamation My fish keep dying! Need Answers!

So I have been a Betta owner for a few years, and as of the last year and a half all my Bettas have been having untimely demises and I can't figure out for the life of me why.

The last one I just got was a beautiful blue crown tail. When I picked him up from the store he looked very healthy. He was energetic and active, he ate right away when I fed him (unlike others in the past that went without weeks when first brought home), everything seemed good. He died today. :( Exactly a week after I got him and I don't know why! All the other ones since I moved into a different city have been dying quickly as well with similar symptoms. The thing is whenever I get a new betta I disinfect the bowl by boiling water and putting it in. And of course I do this days before I get a new fish. I let the gravel and plant (not real) soak in scolding water as to kill any bacteria or disease. I don't use any cleaning supplies in the bowl (too risky for a sensitive fish). I have actually purchased all new materials including a bowl, and I find that my fish still die very fast! I use water treatment (I have tried several brands) and I let them sit in the water for an hour prior to putting my fish friend in his home. I have a a warm apartment and I monitor the water temperature and I know it is never too hot or cold. It's just weird because the first betta I ever owned lived for 2 and a half years, and now I can't keep a betta alive more than 6 months and that's if I'm lucky. The one before my crown tail lived close to 6 months, then he stopped eating for a month and died. He looked like he had a tumor too. Both this one and the crown tail had very slimy water and tons of white stuff floating around that almost looked like algae, but it could have been the fish's slime coat. Other fish who had similar problems we put medicine in to treat for ick and other illnesses but they all still died. Sometimes it seemed that whenever we changed the water they would die shortly after, we have tried everything!!! We even had our water tested and the PH levels are fine. I am beginning to wonder if it is the food. We are using Top Fin Color Enhancement Betta Bites.

I can't figure out what is going on, and I love having bettas. I take good care of them but they just die! I have googled and searched forums for problems similar to mine and I have not been lucky. People at pet stores aren't much help either.

Someone please help!

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I understand where you're coming from here. Similar things have happened to me too. And I doubt its the food.
Try using spring water instead of treated water. I used to treat my tap water for heavy metals, but the treatment stopped working. I switched to spring water instead and they're fine.
As for the white cloudy stuff... yeah, I've had that too. I find that some factors contribute to that- like heat, too few water changes, and small tank size. I recommend changing the water often especially if you have a smaller tank.
Oh, and about the ick cure... I wouldn't use that unless you HAVE to. Its not good for a fish to be treated for symptoms it doesn't have. Personally, I don't use a fish medication if it doesn't specify "safe for bettas" (I killed a fish that way once). I use Betta REVIVE for any sickly-looking fish I have. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Make sure you do the math and give them the right dosage though.

Sorry to hear about your fish. It sounds like you're really doing everything you can. I'm no expert, but I hope this helps a little.
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Do you think you can provide us with tank size and water parameters? It could definitely be your source water
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