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Old 06-10-2012, 07:51 AM   #31 
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Originally Posted by kfryman View Post
Someone doesn't know what they are getting into more like it XD

As I said bettas were breed for aggression, they ARE AGGRESSIVE fish, they NEED space. Just changing water doesn't change the amount of space they have for territories, neither do plants. Just shooting down people that are already have sororities and know how they work is just gonna make you have a harder time. I hope you can learn to not be selfish and think about the fish...
Originally Posted by Wolfie305 View Post
Keeping up with the tank and setting up the tank nicely doesn't change the fact that the bettas still do not have enough SPACE. Adding live plants doesn't magically make your tank 15 or 20 gallons...

The people trying to help you in this thread know what they're doing from experience - I would definitely take their word! :3
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Please stop saying "I know what I'm getting into" as right now you sounds repetitive, and like you can't come up with anything else. And obviously you don't know what your getting into if your keeping this stock and thinking it is a safe stock. Aqvisor isn't a very accurate website and they don't take many things into consideration when generating the stock. Please for now on don't use that website, stock is calculated using
  • Bio load of the fish
    Territory issues
    Maximum size
    Whether or not it schools gender of the fish as some fish species, one gender is larger
    How large the tank is
    The filteration
    If its cycled
    Footprint of the tank

Aqvisor only takes a few of these into consideration. I recommend using this forum as a tool, there are quite a few knowledgable members that can help you if you just listen to them, right now it seems like you at just blocking us out and repeating yourself "I know what I'm getting into" , "I know what I'm getting into" , "I know what I'm getting into" .

The reason this won't work is because Betta Splendens are a very aggressive breed of fish and are meant to be that way due to breeding. Females can be just as aggressive as males. While females don't really make a territory like males do they still need there own space. This is why if you have a fifty gallon tank with double filteration. Yu can only have 25 females. I would only suggest a maximum of 6 females in your tank, 8 is too many in my opinion due to limited space. And it seems like you think that heavily planted your tank will make a big difference, honestly it won't, as sororities should always be heavily planted. Your's will be the same as everybody else's that has one in a 10 gallon. A maximum if five

And did I hear you don't have a filter. This is another need unless you want to do daily water changes to minimize ammonia which is very toxic to fish. Having shrimp in that type of habitat would most likely kill them, I would recommend a filter rated for 20+ gallons due to your stock (6 females and 10 ghost shrimp). A filter is a need in my opinion because of how fast ammonia and other toxic substances will build up. Please research the aquarium nitrogen cycle. It's very simple and only takes 1-2 months.
Also, are you going to heat this tank, as I'm sure your aware that bettas are tropical fish right, originating from mainly Thailand. Because, of course. This is what you said. "I know what your getting into"
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8 bettas and 10 ghost shrimp will be in the tank. I'm no longer going to post on this website the members are horribly unfriendly.
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Old 06-10-2012, 02:56 PM   #34 
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People confuse helpfulness with being "mean" all the time. I honestly thought all the responses here were maturely stated and extremely educational. You asked for suggestions on stocking, and they gave you the facts.

When you completely disregard the facts, people are going to continue to tell you you're wrong, which isn't being mean. They're looking out for you and your future fish :/
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Originally Posted by CharleneEchols View Post
8 bettas and 10 ghost shrimp will be in the tank. I'm no longer going to post on this website the members are horribly unfriendly.

How is it unfriendly when we have your FISH's best interest at heart...? Many of us have been doing this for a long time and know what we are talking about. When you have your first few casualties, you'll have no one to blame but yourself. Doing water changes does not make the tank magically 5-10 gallons bigger. Your fish need a certain amount of space to survive. Especially since these are aggressive fish.

It's one thing to be simply ignorant of what is best for your fish. It's another to be stubborn to the detriment of them.
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Reference Team
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8 females in a 10 gallon tank is fine as long as you are careful and keep on top of maintenance. I had 12 in a heavily planted 10 gallon tank and I had only minor aggression issues. I now have 20 odd in a 25 gallon tank and this isn't even that heavily planted and the worst I get is a few nipped fins.

Best thing to do is buy them very young, or even better, buy a group of sisters so that way there is less likely to be issues with aggression. You will need to ensure your water is pristine as any ammonia or nitrite is going to be a serious stressor and in an environment such as a sorority, is more than likely going to lead to disease.
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When I first joined this site I confused the forcefulness of how people provide the facts here a little overwhelming and considered it a little mean. When you realize everyone here really just cares so much for the best interest of the fish, you'll realize how nice it truly is.

Honest though, no one here has been mean. I've seen when some of the members are mean, and honestly, it happens because people are ignorant and think they're doing the right thing, and they become mean to try and force you to realize how you're really just taking a life by being ignorant.

As above though, you asked for help, and we gave you the answers. Just because you didn't receive a "GO AHEAD THAT WILL BE GREAT" you've retaliated and tried to argue with people who have been doing this for years. Honest, if anyone was being rude or mean here, I'd say it was you. You blatantly refused any advice, which you'd requested, and said everyone was wrong and that their opinions and experiences are of no help to you. To simply ask for advice and then refuse it is rude and immature at best. You're crying over some constructive criticism, that not only did you request, but that was given on the grounds that people believed it might actually make a difference in the lives of some fish. It's unfortunate that you'd rather kill fish, or at least make them uncomfortable and unable to thrive by making them live in conditions hardly better than the cramped cups they're sold in, than heed the kind advice provided to you.
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Reference Team
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I think you are all being very overdramatic. I have seen sororities on here and tanks where the fish inside are dull, obviously stressed and looking pretty sickly and barely a comment is made about them. A heavily planted 10 gallon tank that is heated, cycled and given appropriate maintenance is so far from the stratosphere of 'cold dirty cup on shelf' that it's laughable.

I personally would skip the ghost shrimp or cut their numbers down by half, but otherwise I see no problems with someone who knows what they are doing having a slightly overstocked sorority.

I see more issues with people who are conservative with their stocking than those who have higher numbers of females as the aggression tends to be focussed on one or two individuals rather than spread out amongst the group

Here is my 10 gallon sorority with 9 females visible. Everyone was happy and healthy and as coloured up as if I'd had them in individual tanks.

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I was actually looking for some photos of your sorority to post on here earlier, LBF.
Your sororities are a great example, and I agree that it's better to have more females..
No one would have told you to thin out your herd in there, but when it's a new member people seem more willing to criticize. At least that's how I'm seeing this situation.
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She wanted to put in a few other things as well though..
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