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What To Do?

I just wanted to ask you guys some advice on how to "rescue" betta's.

I rescue Betta's all the time it seems. Well...not all the time, I tend to buy the ones that are sick. Which is probably 1 every month or two. And most are female and go in my friends sorority. XDD

Anyways, to the point. There is this horrible Petsmart near me. (I have another Petsmart also near me, and they are great!) Their fish conditions are horrible ): But, it seems that they will be getting rid of their whole fish section soon, so hopefully that store doesn't sell them anymore.

They have these Betta's. They were so adorable and active when they first arrived at the store. And they were GORGEOUS.

Its been a month now and 4 Dragonscale Plakats have some major fin melt :( My friend rescued one, a white and black one. He is almost completely better now, and I have only had him for 3 days. My friend wants to start a Betta rescue, since me and him are starting to run out of Betta space in our houses to keep all the fish we save XD.

Went there today, number increased to 11 sick Betta's. One Yellow Veiltail I didn't notice has it so bad, he may not make it >_< Even the newbies that just came in are either bloated, or have internal parasites. They never had so many sick betta's at once.

So, what should I do? I really don't want them to die, but I definitely do not have enough to buy them all. The Plakats by themselves are $10 each and I can barely afford that D; For those who rescue, what do you do?

I know that they will eventually be replaced by more betta's...its just so sad to see a once, active and beautiful fish go downhill because the stupid workers don't ever clean their water :( There are even a couple girls whose cup is completely green. I am going to call headquarters and report on their Betta conditions.

ALSO. Does anyone live in Fort Collins, CO?

There is a betta here that someone is selling As you can see, he doesn't look good D: Me and my friend are trying to figure out a way to get there and get him, but its hard because we live almost 2 hours away and his friend that lives there won't answer the phone.
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geezus! that poor boy. ;n; thin, fin rot... gawd... try e-mailing the seller and asking if they can meet you halfway.....
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