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First Time Breeder - Set Up Help?

Hi guys,

i had decided that i want to breed some betta over the summer. I have watched/read so much on betta breeding and have come up with a rough plan as to what i am going to do. It would be great if you could point out all the flaws im bound to have.

I will try and explain this the best i can,
1. I have my male betta and female betta in seperate tanks, which they currently live in.

2. I will have a tank set up seperatly for the actual breeding (either 3 or 5 gallon) with a heater, live plants and all the other fancy bits (no filter).

3. I then have a bucket with a heater, airstone and a filter in which output puts out (very slowly) water to my many half gallon containers, all these containers again return water back to the bucket at a slow rate. while keeping temp. constant and aeration with limited disturbance to the water

4.I will then condition the breeding tank and place the male and female in with the female seperated in clear jar/bottle

5. i will then leave them untill a nest is formed and release the female

6. once the magic has happened i will remove the filter and put the female back in her communal tank and leave the male in.

7. once the fry are swimming and happy i will split them up into their seperate half gallon containers and put the male back in his home.

Do you thing this would work, i have combined many different methods, its not to warm where i am so i think this method will allow them to be kept warm, with very little disturbance to the fry. Any comment are welcome, please be kind as this is my first time and at the moment all this is hypothetical.

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Well, if the spawning tank is small, you'll eventually have to transfer them to a larger grow out tank if you have a large number of fry which is possible. Betta's can have 300 or so fry.

It sounds like you are setting up some kind of a barracks system which is fine, but really has nothing to do with breedins.

Keep the tanks clean, and water fresh and constant temperature and you should do fine.

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Old 06-09-2012, 07:52 PM   #3 
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Where did you get your bettas? Everyone seems to go to Aquabid(I'm not a breeder, but maybe in the future).
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Yes, a sort of barrack system is what im going for but using it to breed, i was wondering if i could but the fry in indivdual tanks for them to grow out?
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I suppose you could but you would have to feed up to 250 fry in separate containers twice a day, not over feed, heat all of them to 85 degrees +, and daily water changes
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i see your point with the feeding, but the filter system i was hoping would remove heating and water change issues
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