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If you wanna try something fun, stick the tip of your finger in the water and "run" it away from the betta but in a speed he can keep up.. ;)
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my mum had a betta who she taught to eat from a spoon lol
My friend's betta likes to be pet and I had a previous one who did too. My work betta always swims up to the front of the tank to say hello, he is a very social little guy but since he is at work he gets a lot of people stopping by to say hi to him.
My guys at home havent warmed up quite that much yet, but they do know when it is feeding time!
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It is so much fun "Gettin to know" yur fishy..I love to interact with our Sammy ..he loves the attention..I have also been feeding him with a pellet on my finger tip..and he jumps..and dives in the water..goes up w/ so much exitment..he misses the dives back in the water..looks up notices he for it again..its soo cute..he also watches TV with me..and in the night before we say goodnight..he just keeps his cute lil nose presses against the wall and I shut the light..and he knows its time for sleep:)..Love our Sammy!!!
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Originally Posted by dbrooke1 View Post
ielbeau, soo cute!! :) Best fish trick ideas I've heard......

One other simple trick is tapping on the glass of the tank (not near the fish so to not provoke him) and then dropping a piece of his food in the water. After several times of doing this, my little guy is starting to swim to the top once he hears the tapping on the glass. :)
Haha thanks :P If he wasn't so camera shy I'd try and get a video.. all the girls I work with have asked for one! Haha. Maybe I can train him to become a camera ***** too lol.

And I like that idea! I love watching him chase his food though, so maybe I won't try it... idk :)
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When I had Armani in a small plastic bowl while I was doing a water change he would sit in my hand under the water and he let me scoop him up with my hand to put him back in the tank but I didn't just sit there and hold him out of the water I put him right in. The only reason I did that instead of using my net was pure curiosity just to see if he'd let me. He won't sit in my hand in his regular tank though guess it just takes time.
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