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Tiger Oak
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Unhappy Did I accidently prepare my female for spawning?

Hi everyone--I hope you can help me with my new female betta. I bought her from Petco on Saturday evening, and put her into a 2.5 gallon Aqueon Mini-Bow tank that I had previously set up. The Mini-Bow has an adjustable 25-watt heater that I set for 77 degrees, but it is actually keeping the water right at 82 degrees. I acclimated her very slowly to the tank by floating her cup for over two hours (doing the acclimation method of dipping small amounts of cup water out, dipping same amount of tank water in). I released her into the tank after that, and she was acting normal until last night.

Since last night, she has been darting around the tank in jerky, sporadic bursts, and she has been spending a lot of time near the surface of the water arching her body back and forth. This morning, I noticed that her belly seemed a bit swollen, and the area around her ovipositor seemed a bit pronounced. Now, I can see a distinct white protrusion from her ovipositor. From what I have read on this forum and elsewhere, I think I accidently prepared her for spawning by putting her in water heated to 82 degrees. Does this sound right to everyone?

If this is indeed what I have done, what do I do now? I want to gradually lower her temperature (like maybe one degree a day) to get her down to a temperature where she won't be exhibiting spawning behavior. However, what temperature should I shoot for? Also, I have read that when they are getting ready to spawn, they produce eggs. Would slowly lowering her temerature affect her egg production? In other words, will having them inside her harm her if she does not expell them for breeding purposes, or will her body just "re-absorb" them?

I'm sorry if this question seems complicated, but I have spent the better part of today trying to figure out what her odd behavior meant, and now that I think I understand it, I need to know how to correct it!!
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If i'm not mistaken the female will drop her eggs regardless on if there is a male present or not.

I've really only owned males but my friend has owned alot of females and she said they have dropped eggs with no problem in the past.

Hopefully someone with more female Betta experience will come along and help you out.
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Her temp is fine. And she will drop her eggs and probally eat them. I have to say that behavior is a bit odd. I own 3 females and none of them have ever exhibited that arching of the back behavior. My two females live in a divided tank with 2 males. They get eggy and then drop the eggs. Her swimming makes me think that she is just getting used to all the space, and enjoying it. Females are very active more active then most males being they don't have all that finnage to drag around. the arching of the back could be her just releasing the eggs. These are my thoughts hopefully someone will be able to give you more help. But don't worry about her being eggy thats normal.
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