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Quick Question! - Bacteria?

Previously was very into bettas and had many tanks myself. Then I took a little break but now i am very interested in getting a 5 gallon and just having 1 betta. I know you must wait a couple of days after you set up your tank before putting your betta in it but when i was watching videos on youtube, they said that you should add "bacteria" because it will help the fish. Is this true? I mean for bettas? Will this really help them in their new home? Thanks for your help and time!

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Well any fish tanks simply wouldn't work without bacteria. Bacteria are the organisms that convert ammonia into a nontoxic form and complete the "aquarium cycle." Basically, what's good for normal fishkeeping is good for bettas, and this includes letting the aquarium cycle before you add the fish. You can read more about cycling here: A Beginner's Guide to the Freshwater Aquarium Cycle
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1 Betta in a 5 gallon is not going to be a drastic cycling anyway... The tank will cycle normally and should not harm your Betta.

If you are overly concerned, then just have some aged conditioned water to do some water changes while you build up nitrifying bacteria in your biological filter.

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