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Talking I'm writting an essay on Betta's.

So as the title says I'm writing an essay on Betta's! When my teacher said we could write the essay on any kind of fish we wanted, naturally I choice Betta's. It's going to be a short and sweet five paragraph essay on the difference's between the well being of pet, pet store, and wild Betta's. I already finished pet and pet store Betta's but I feel like I don't know quiet enough about wild Betta's to write about them. I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon researching them. (How dull!) But I though you guys might know something that could "spice things up" so to speak. Oh yeah! I almost forgot It's due tomorrow. Thank you! Sorry if that was a bit of a read.
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Sena Hansler
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Hmmm.... Do you want to compare?

Show how in the environment bettas don't really live in muddy puddles, and only end up in such situations during the dry season. Even then, when their water gets too shallow or filthy they hop out, trying to make it to a new puddle to call home!! Neither the male or females are colorful... They have natural colors, rather neutral, which obviously would help them survive. To some people they resemble "minnows" because of the shape of their bodies, and the lack of color we see in Betta Splendens.

In comparison to Betta Splendens: Commonly people assume that bettas can live in a bowl, never cleaning it for months on end - because they compare it to their wild cousins, and their environment. What people have failed to realize, is in the wild mother nature takes care of the water, while in bowls and aquariums we ARE mother nature and must care for them as such

You could add the different wild types, such as Embellis and....whatever others x.X
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Thanks! I already turned it in though I found a website that seemed pretty truthful. it was very simlar to your post. :)
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