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Old 06-19-2012, 02:16 PM   #21 
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Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Georgia
Lebron - Ghost has the tank all to himself these days. Red passed on in under a week. They never jumped the divide or had direct contact, I just came in one morning and he'd gone from healthy flareful boy to dead Not a mark on him, color still great.

I know *now* that the 2.5 was not an adequate tank for 2, so we won't make that mistake again. It's a little ironic because Ghost ...isn't one...and he was actually the one who was lethargic and listless when I got him. Months have passed, and he's my favorite happy dancing fish now. (True story, hubby laughs when I go wiggle at Ghost, but he laughs even more when Ghost wiggles back! Which is like, always)
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The day my parents surprised me with my tank was the day I went to Petco to get a heater.

I just happened to look through the bettas...all seemed happy and active after just having their water changed. And then all of a sudden my eyes fell upon one of the cups that looked like it had something stuffed into it. The way the light reflected, it looked like a huge mass of black material was stuck in it, and I scared my friend by jumping forward to get a look at what it was.

In my Petco, most of the HMs and Dts they have are still very young and have yet to grow into their fins, but Portal Prime looked every bit as regal as a HMDT could! His colors stunned me, especially his blue...and I think I stunned HIM with how quickly I grabbed his cup since he flared the instant my eyes set onto his face. So I decided to bring him home.

I still have his cup, which I used for water changes and he HATES it. His fins are a bit ragged and deformed from growing out in the small amount of water, but he is still beautiful, and I hope he stays with me for a long time. <3 I can't believe I had fallen in love with a betta, lol!

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Location: Atlanta
I have a lot of special memories with Keller, my first and favorite betta, from going through tank upgrades to going to live plants, to hearing him chew for the first time... Fighting finrot...first bubblenest, playing chase... the list goes on. Now I have 15 bettas and share memories with each but Keller still holds the positition on my bedside table, so he literally sleeps about 2 feet from me on the bedside of his aquarium in his betta log. And I wake to him watching me every morning.

That being said, the memory that I happen to be thinking of right now regards one of my girls, Cleo, who is the highest jumper I've ever seen. She's the first betta I've had that REALLY leaps (they all jump), but I mean she really flies. The first time I witnessed this was when I put her out of a failed sorority into her own side of a divided 10 gal and I was peering down at her to see how she would take the change, and she peered right back up at me. And we just looked at each other for a full minute. Her face was completely out of the water looking straight up at me and it was so cute. Then blamm! She shot straight up a good 2-3 inches! I was so surprised! She almost hit me in the face! It was the cutest thing, and now she does the same thing on 2 occasions: when I feed her, and when I make kissing noises to her. Yes, she really does jump specifically to kissing sounds. Love my Cleo!
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Old 06-21-2012, 08:32 AM   #24 
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Oh my goodness!! Fishy kisses! lol
I think it's a really nice idea to sleep next to your heart fish :)
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Yes, Katy this is soo true, and with our Sammy as well, he always responds to the "kissing" sounds, and loves it, and he does the "Dolphin Dive" now as well, when it's feeding time, I put a pellet on my finger and when he sees it, and jumps up to get it, he leaps out of the water, and nose dives right back in, sometimes getting the pellet, but he gets so exited, he can miss at times, then he just jumps back up, but not the DD!! just enough to grab that pellet!! These lil fishy's are really incredible:) I think the "DD" is just for
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